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J C Bamford Excavators Ltd

J C Bamford Excavators Ltd, JCB, is one of the worlds top three manufacturers of construction equipment employing around 12,000 people on four continents selling their products in 150 countries through 2,000 dealer depot locations.

Operates VIP helicopters for private use.

List of Aircraft

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S-76C 760464 1996G-BYOM : JCB Aug/Sep 1999
G-IJCB : S-76C+; Air Hanson Dec96-Jun97
: JC Bamford (JCB) Jun97-Aug99
S-76B 760352 1989G-JCBA : JC Bamford Excavators Nov99-Mar07
S-76C 760616 2006G-XJCB : JC Bamford Excavators Ltd Jan07-Jan14
S-76C 760807 2011M-JCBA : JCB Excavators from Aug12; 19dec13 pictured at Norwich SaxonAir ...
: 12feb15 at Heathrow London
: 25jun15 at London Heliport
: 02sep15 at JCB World Headquarters, Rochester, Staffordshire
: 09jan16 1815hs overflying East Midlands Airport, course 023
: 23feb16 heading southeast over pinxton Derbyshire towards Lincon
: 10may16 08:42 hs passing over Newport out of Cardiff no given des ...
: 04jul16 15:30hs at JCB world headquarters, Rocester, Staffordshir ...
: 22jun17 has flown over Charlbury, Oxfordshire several times over ...
: 10jan18 over Spalding in Lincolnshire from Norwich
: 10Jan18 at JCB hq Rochester, Staffs.
: 22oct18 passing over Wymondham 2400ft
: 10oct19 15:08 hs over Royston, Hertfordshire
: 10oct19 16:56 hs flying over St Albans heading south
: 23oct19 at Sywell
S-76C 760616 2006M-JCBC : JC Bamford Excavators Ltd from Jan14
: 17nov17 pictured at Oxford

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