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Joby Aviation

Established 2009, Joby Aviation is developing an all-electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL) planned for air taxi service beginning in 2024. Joby researches electric motors, flight software, and lithium-ion batteries at their manufacturing facility in Marina, CA.

In 2017 they flew their first full-scale eVTOL demonstrator. In 2020 Joby became the first eVTOL company to receive airworthiness approval from the U.S Air Force.

helicopter   Model Types

Joby JAS4-1
Joby JAS4-2

List of Aircraft

Model C/N Built ID
JAS4-1 JAS4-101 2017N541JA : Joby Aero Inc at Santa Cruz, CA from Jan18
JAS4-1 00005 N5421A : Joby Aviation Dec22
JAS4-2 JAS4-201 2019N542AJ : Joby Aero Inc at Santa Cruz, CA from Aug19
JAS4-2 JAS4-202 2021N542BJ : Joby Aero Inc at Santa Cruz, CA from Jan21
: first flight in New York City

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