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    kestrel aviation

    Established 1985 operating flying school at Moorabbin Airport, Victoria. Moved to Mangalore Airport in 1989. From 2013 exclusive operator of Erickson S-64 air crane in Australia


    Kestrel Ready for Australia’s Fire Season, 29-Oct-20 : #firefighting Kestrel Aviation medium helicopters Bell 212 and 412 prepared for new Australian firefighting season

    Six Erickson S-64 Fighting Australia Bushfires, 07-Jan-20 : #AustraliaBushfires Australia in state of emergency as deadly bushfires rage. Erickson continues deployment with local partner Kestrel Aviation of six S-64 air cranes firefighters helicopters

    Erickson and Kestrel Extension in Australia, 08-Aug-16 : Kestrel awarded a $24M two-year contract extension with NAFC for 6 firefighting Erickson S-64E helicopters in different locations throughout Australia

    12-Jan-16 - Third S-64E for Bushfire Protection in Victoria

    Model Types

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      Bell 412

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