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  • latvia Valsts Robežsardze

    Latvian Border Guard

    latvia border guard


    Latvia Orders Two AW119Kx, 02-Jan-18 : Latvia border guard will receive 2 AgustaWestland Philadelphia AW119Kx in 2019 to replace 2 aging AB206B Jet Rangers.

    Latvia Orders A109 Power For Border Guard, 02-Jun-06 : Latvian State Border Guard ordered 2 A109 Power fitted with FLIR, radar, rescue hoist, search light and a NVG compatible cockpit. They already operates

    Model Types

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      AW AW119Kx Koala2019
      Agusta AB20620132019
      AW AW109E Power22007

    List of Aircraft

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    AB206A 8286 YL-HMF : Border Guard, AB206B-2 type; w/o 27jul05
    AW109E Power 11700 2007YL-HMK : Border Guard d/d Sep07; test serial I-EASQ
    : patrolling under operation FRONTEX in east Aegean Sea operating ...
    AW109E Power 11704 YL-HML : Border Guard d/d Sep07; test serial I-EASR
    : Aug17 monitoring Hellenic sea borders under FRONTEX mission in A ...
    AB206B-2 8380 YL-HMO : Border Guard
    AB206B-3 8599 YL-HMQ : Border Guard
    AW119Kx Koala 14964 YL-HMV : State Border Guard of Republic of Latvia from Nov19
    : Baia Mare, spotted doing border control of Romanian/Ukraine borde ...
    AW119Kx Koala 14969 YL-HMZ : State Border Guard of Republic of Latvia from Nov19

    7 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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