spain Unidad Militar de Emergencias

UME - Military Emergencies Unit


ume chemical accident

Established in 2006 as the newest branch of the Spanish Armed Forces is a joint service responsible for providing disaster relief using assets from Army, Navy and Air Force.

The Air Group ( AGRUMEDA, Agrupacion de Medios Aereos ) normally used EC135 and Cougar helicopters from Torrejon air base but can obtain any other support ( e.g. Chinooks ) as required.

List of Units

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Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
    UME2006 --

List of Aircraft

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AS332B Super Puma 2238 HU.21-11 : Feb14 asg UME
AS332B Super Puma 2241 HU.21-12 : Feb14 asg UME
EC135T2+ 0557 HU.26-07 : 10mar15 asg UME picture during exercise Gamma Daimiel 15
: 03nov16 pictured in exercise Fenix16 with UME
EC135P2+ 0612 HU.26-10 : 2009 asg UME; 2017 still
EC135T2+ 0577 HU.26-11 : 2009 asg UME; 2018 still
EC135T2+ 0585 HU.26-12 : 2009 asg UME; 2018 still
AS532AL Cougar 2733 HU.27-01 : 10mar15 asg UME picture during exercise Gamma Daimiel 15; picture ...
AS532AL Cougar 2738 HU.27-02 : Unidad Militar de Emergencias (UME) at Bétera; w/o 10sep15 pictu ...
AS532AL Cougar 2758 HU.27-03 : 10mar15 asg UME during exercise Gamma Daimiel 15
: pictured at Torrejón de Ardoz during AIRE75 ( 75 Anniversa ...
: flooding relief support in Cantabria
AS532AL Cougar 2765 HU.27-04 : 22jul18 asg UME pictured at Ceuta

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