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    NHV UK


    Established October 25, 2019 from NHV Group' UK based assets in Aberdeen and Norwich to avoid incoming Brexit consequences


    Mental Health Assistance for Pilots, 21-Jan-21 : #mentalHealth Helicopter operators Bristow, CHC, NHV and Babcock to lead a collaborative peer assistance network to support the mental health of offshore pilots in the UK

    40,000 Flight Hours for NHV H175 Helicopters, 16-Jul-20 : #oilandgas Belgian group NHV’s fleet of 13 H175 helicopters have accumulated 40,000 flight hours since entered service in December 2014 in support of offshore oil and gas platforms in the North Sea and West Africa

    NHV AW139 Contract for Shell UK & NAM, 01-Jul-20 : #oilandgas NHV signed 3-year contract with Shell UK and NAM. Starting July 1st an AW139 from Norwich, UK and another one from Den Helder, Netherlands in offshore daily flights to the Southern North Sea (SNS)

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    Model Types

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      AW AW1692020
      AH H175 / EC1752019
      AW AW1392019

    List of Aircraft

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    H175 / EC175 5042 2019G-NHVA : NHV Helicopters Ltd from Nov19, test serial F-WWOF
    : pictured delivery to home base Aberdeen
    : pictured (pic2)
    AW139 31704 2015G-NHVC : NHV Helicopters Ltd reg Aug20; 21sep20 pictured (pic3) at Norwich
    : pictured (pic4) at Norwich airport, just about to depart on anoth ...
    : pictured (pic5) at Norwich airport,
    AW169 69113 G-NHVD : NHV announced May20, reg Oct20
    : first visit of both type and airframe to airport on delivery to B ...
    : pictured (pic3) at Norwich with UK serial
    H175 / EC175 5007 G-NHVE : NHV UK from Oct19
    : Operating from Aberdeen as NHV791.
    H175 / EC175 5005 G-NHVF : NHV Helicopters Ltd from
    : pictured (pic2) at Aberdeen
    H175 / EC175 5008 G-NHVG : NHV Helicopters Ltd from Dec20
    H175 / EC175 5010 2016G-NHVI : NHV UK from 28oct19
    H175 / EC175 5026 G-NHVJ : NHV Helicopters Ltd from Dec20
    AW139 31700 2015G-NHVN : NHV UK from Oct19
    : pictured (pic4) offshore energy transport at Norwich
    : pictured (pic5) at Norwich Airport, between Oil and Gas operation ...
    AW139 41513 2016G-NHVP : NHV UK from Oct19
    : pictured (pic2) with offshore helicopters grounded until mid-aft ...
    : pictured (pic3) at Norwich
    H175 / EC175 5033 2018G-NHVR : NHV UK from Oct19
    H175 / EC175 5004 2014G-NHVU : NHV UK from Oct19, pictured (pic2) offshore oil rig
    : pictured (pic3) on approach to the NHV apron at Aberdeen Airport
    H175 / EC175 5002 G-NHVV : NHV Helicopters from Jan20
    AW139 41354 2013G-SNSK : NHV Helicopters Ltd at Norwick from 28jul20
    : pictured (pic3) at Norwich with new yellow livery

    14 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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