hong kong Sky Shuttle Helicopters

Sky Shuttle Helicopters
Established as East Asia Airlines Ltd in July 1988. In 1997 Helicopters Hong Kong Ltd ( HeliHK ) was formed and in November 2008 took its current name.


Sky Shuttle AW139 first all-female crew, 06-May-13 : Sky Shuttle Helicopters Limited is pleased to announce that today, on 6 May 2013, Captain Meg Lam and First Officer Kirsty Holtkamp became the company’s first ever all-female helicopter crew to operate flights between Hong Kong and Macau.

List of Units

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Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
    Sky Shuttle? --

Bases and Locations

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Base / HeliportUnits on this Location
   MO Macau Outer Harbour Ferry TerminalSky Shuttle 1995/   
   CN Shenzhen BaoanSky Shuttle 1988/   
   Shun Tak HeliportSky Shuttle 1988/   

Model Types

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  AW AW13962008
  Sikorsky S-76519972008
  Bell 222319881997

List of Aircraft

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S-76C 76-0497 1998B-HJR : S-76C+ Sky Shuttle 1998~2009
S-76C 76-0521 2001B-KCC : Sky Shuttle Helicopters, noted 2009
AW139 31238 B-KHM : Sky Shuttle d/d nov09
AW139 31243 B-KHN : Sky Shuttle d/d jul09
S-76C 76-0474 1997B-MHF : East Asia Airlines/Sky Shuttle, ferry as CS-MHF, Oct97-2009
S-76C 76-0475 1997B-MHG : S-76 ; East Asia Airlines/Sky Shuttle Oct97-2009, ferry as CS-MHG
S-76C 76-0476 1997B-MHH : East Asia Airlines/Sky Shuttle, ferry ex CS-MHH, Oct97-2009
AW139 31220 B-MHI : Sky Shuttle d/d dec08
AW139 31222 B-MHJ : Sky Shuttle d/d dec08; 03jul10 ditched into the Hong Kong harbour ...
AW139 31229 B-MHK : Sky Shuttle d/d feb09
AW139 31230 B-MHL : Sky Shuttle d/d mar09
: 2015 pictured featuring SWAT helicopter in Blackhat movie
222UT 47559 1987CS-HMA : Sky Shuttle; 1997 to N222UT
222B 47156 CS-HMB : Sky Shuttle; ex N3216W; wfu 1997
222UT 47561 1987CS-HMC : Sky Shuttle, reser CS-MHC

14 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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