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    safety gear survitec

    Established 1967, Survitec Group Ltd. manufactures safety and survival equipments including liferafts, marine evacuation systems, and boats for marine, aerospace, logistics, and distribution sectors.


    Face Covering Mask for Maritime Crew, 28-Mar-21 : #FaceCovering Survitec unveils face covering with anti-viral properties for maritime crew protection

    New Life Jacket for Offshore Helicopters, 04-Dec-20 : #EBS Survitec, a survival solutions provider, developed a new Emergency Breathing System (EBS) vest that gives offshore helicopter passengers and crew more air and therefore greater chance of survival in a water impact scenario

    Antiviral Face Shield for Offshore Sector, 28-Apr-20 : #coronavirus Survitec, the safety and survival equipments manufacturer, is supplying the offshore oil and gas industry with the Virustatic Shield antiviral snood amid the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

    Servicing Survitec’s Life Rafts and Jackets, 01-Aug-17 : DART has teamed up with Survitec, a world leader in critical safety and survival solutions, for the repair and overhaul of its life rafts and aviation life jackets

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