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Van Horn Bell 206B Composite Blades in Australia, 17-Mar-17 : Australia-based Heliwest Services and U.S-based Van Horn Aviation (VHA) recently assisted with the first flight of the Van Horn 206B composite main rotor blades in Australian skies over Melbourne

Indago UAV Used in Cyclone Pam Disaster Relief Efforts, 04-May-15 : #CyclonePam Following the devastation of Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu, Australian operator Heliwest used Lockheed Martin Indago small unmanned aerial system (UAS) to collected imagery of the damage

List of Helicopter Operators

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Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
    Heliwest? --

Bases and Locations

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Base / HeliportUnits on this Location
   Jandakot AirportHeliwest 1992/   

List of Aircraft

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206B-3 Jet Ranger 3591 1982VH ZMN : Heliwest
206B-2 Jet Ranger 851 VH-BEL : Heliwest; ex ZS-HDS
AS350B1 Ecureuil 2267 VH-BII : Heliwest; ex N13HF
206B-2 Jet Ranger 2019 1976VH-BIN : Heliwest 2006
AS350B Ecureuil 1447 VH-DEA : Heliwest; ex P4-SEE,B-HJP,N121US
206L-3 Long Ranger 51002 1982VH-LHP : Heliwest, noted 2007-2010
R22 Beta II 4362 VH-NZO : Heliwest
300CBi (269C-1) 0187 VH-RZT : Heliwest; ex N86G
206B-2 Jet Ranger 2169 1977VH-VJG : Heliwest from Dec04
206B-2 Jet Ranger 1047 VH-VJH : Heliwest; ex 9V-BFR,9M-AVL
Bo105LS 2032 1990VH-XRF : Heliwest Group from Dec10
Bo105LS 2037 1991VH-XRG : Heliwest from Oct10
Bo105LS 2041 1993VH-XRI : Heliwest
Bo105LS 2033 1991VH-XRX : Heliwest Group 2011-2014
206L-1 Long Ranger 45308 1979VH-ZHP : Heliwest Leasing Pty Ltd from Nov16; Rotorwest Pty Ltd

15 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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