benin Force Aérienne Populaire de Benin

Benin Air Force

Previously the Dahomey Air Force (supported by France), the Force Aérienne Populaire de Benin was renamed after the coup of 1972 which resulted in the country changing its name in 1975.

Model Types

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  SABCA A109BA520072013
  SNIA AS350B Ecureuil21984

List of Aircraft

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A109BA 0317 1993- : ex Belgium H17; Used as instructional airframe and for sacrificia ...
AS350B Ecureuil 1803 1984TY-31H : re-serialed to TY-31H, ex TY-AAJ.
A109BA 0304 1992TY-32H : FAPB deliverd in August 2007. ex H04 Belgian Army
A109BA 0332 1993TY-33H : ex Belgium H32
A109BA 0343 1993TY-34H : ex Belgium H43
A109BA 0337 1993TY-35H : ex Belgium H37
AS350B Ecureuil 1803 1984TY-AAJ : Del FAPB towards end of 1984
AS350B Ecureuil 1741 1984TY-HBA : Del FAPB 1984
: w/o 10 Aug 2001 when crashed near Kokoro

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