france Skycam Hélicoptères

Model Types

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  AW AW109SP GrandNew2010

List of Aircraft

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AW109S Grand 22015 2006F-GSNH : Skycam Hélicoptères, noted Jan10; to I-AWCC
AW109SP GrandNew 22223 2010F-GSNS : SARL Solair from Mar11 op by Skycam Helicopteres SARL
EC130B4 3866 F-GYDF : Skycam Helicopteres 09jul10 pictured at Brussels, Belgium
AW109SP GrandNew 22217 2010F-HIDE : SA Comatrans from Nov10, test serial I-RAIC; Skycam Helicopteres ...
AW109SP GrandNew 22340 2015F-HMPB : Skycam Helicopters from Jun15; 05jul15 pictured at London Helipor ...
: 11sep15 flew Battersea to Rouen, Upper Normandy, France
: 17nov15 at Newcastle airport, UK
: 21feb16 flew to London using incorrect mode-s code A9B1E1, which ...
AW109SP GrandNew 22242 2011F-HOLY : Skycam Helicopteres from Dec11

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