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  • united kingdom Cotswold Helicopter Centre

    Guimbal representative

    cotswold helicopter centre

    Fflying school and charter operator based at Cotswold Airport ( Kemble ). UK distributor for the French manufacturer Helicoptères Guimbal


    HeliGroup is Now UK Guimbal Distributor, 03-Feb-17 : The UK distributor for the Guimbal Cabri G2 helicopter has changed from Cotswold Helicopter Centre to HeliGroup based at Wycombe Air Park

    Cotswold Helicopter Centre Expand to Fairoaks, 23-May-16 : Cotswold Helicopter Centre and Gama Aviation will offer training courses to new helicopter pilots at its rotary base in Fairoaks, Surrey with Guimbal Cabri G2.

    Helicopter Services is 11th UK Guimbal Cabri School, 20-Apr-16 : Helicopter Services based at Wycombe Air Park have become the eleventh training school to offer the Guimbal Cabri G2 in the UK

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    Model Types

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      Guimbal Cabri G22011

    List of Aircraft

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    Cabri G2 1035 2011G-CHAG : European Helicopter Importers Ltd from jul12, test serial F-WWHZ; ...
    : Cotswold Helicopter Centre
    Cabri G2 1052 2013G-CHWJ : Cotswold Helicopter Centre from Jul13; pictured at London Helit ...
    Cabri G2 1090 2015G-CILR : European Helicopters Importers Ltd from 30jan15; pictured at Aix ...
    Cabri G2 1092 2015G-CILU : European Helicopters Importers Ltd from Mar15
    Cabri G2 1063 2014G-ETWO : European Helicopters Importers Ltd from Feb14
    Cabri G2 1238 2018G-SHAZ : European Helicopters Importers Ltd Dec18-Jan19
    Cabri G2 1028 2011G-UIMB : Helitrain Ltd from Sep11
    : pictured at Helitech 2011, Duxford, UK; 26oct11 crash at Cotswo ...
    : Sn 1028, operated by Cotswold Helicopter Centre based at Cotswold ...
    Cabri G2 1068 2014G-UMBL : European Helicopters Importers Ltd from Mar14

    8 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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