united kingdom Heliworks Ltd

List of Aircraft

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Sioux wa339 1965G-BFEG : Private; w/o 09Jul79
: Re-registered with CAA 29Apr83 with Heliwork Ltd, Thruxton. Canx ...
Sioux wa710/was232 1969G-BFKM : Reg to A&B Agriculture Aviation, Worcester until 01feb82
: Reg to Heliwork, Thruxton wfu Apr86, last noted stored Thruxton, ...
Sioux wa408 1966G-BHBV : Private reg to Heliworks, Thruxton until 01May80
AB47G-3B 1551 1964G-BHBX : Reg to Heliwork Ltd, Thruxton, Hampshire - EGHO , w.f.u. 09nov84, ...
Sioux wa511 1966G-BHBY : based at EGHO Thruxton, Hants - 09nov84 broken up for spares
Sioux wa386 1966G-BHKB : Westland-Bell-Soloy 47G-3B-1 c/n wap87; Heliwork Ltd Jan80-Nov86
: Heliworks, Thruxton
Sioux wa513 1966G-SOLY : Conv to Soly Turbine, based EGHO Thruxton, Hants 25feb85 to Niger ...

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