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The world market leader in sea and air mail uses helicopters operated by third companies to deliver urgent documents.


DHL Helicopter Service launches in Chicago, 29-Apr-15 : DHL helicopter service launched in Downtown Chicago serves banking and legal firms requiring urgent deliveries. Additional service in London, UK enables new overnight delivery from Eastern U.S.

DHL / Heli-Charter London Express Helicopter Service, 21-Jan-15 : A Bell 206 Jet Ranger, operated for DHL Express by Heli-Charter Ltd, from January 21 is London s first ever scheduled helicopter delivery service transporting over 300 kg of letters and packages

DHL launches Los Angeles helicopter service, 07-May-14 : DHL has found an even better route for meeting urgent delivery commitments in the midst of traffic gridlock in the United States: through the air.

List of Aircraft

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AS355F2 Ecureuil 2 5411 1989N226NR : DHL 2014 Los Angeles area, op by Helinet of Van Nuys, CA
206B-2 Jet Ranger 1490 1974N59604 : DHL New York area, noted Dec10

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