usa Roberts Aircraft Company


This company sales and lease helicopters

Model Types

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Aerospatiale SA315B Lama
Aerospatiale SA316B Alouette III
Aerospatiale SA330G Puma
Aerospatiale SA330J Puma
Aerospatiale SE3160 / SA316A Alouette III
Agusta A119 Koala
AgustaWestland AW119Ke Koala
Airbus Helicopters H125 / AS350B3e Ecureuil
Bell 205A-1
Bell 212
Bell UH-1H Iroquois
Eurocopter AS350B2 Ecureuil
Eurocopter AS350B3 Ecureuil
Eurocopter AS350BA Ecureuil
McDonnell Douglas MD369F / MD500F