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Baldwin Aviation and Avera Mckennan Partnership, 19-Oct-15 : Baldwin’s individually customized systems combine with hospital’s eEmergency program to provide highly efficient responses to patients in Four State Region

Sanford Health Launches Air Ambulance Fleet, 01-Jul-12 : Sanford Health Air Ambulance, based in both North and South Dakota, completed upgrades to its fleet with three new EC145 helicopters

List of Units

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Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
    Avera McKennan? --
    Sanford AirMed? --

Model Types

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Bell 230
Eurocopter EC145

List of Aircraft

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230 23002 1992N903SH : Sanford AirMed Health Air Ambulance; ex N30SV
EC145 9479 2011N906SH : Sanford AirMed Health Air Ambulance, Nov11
EC145 9482 2011N908SH : Sanford AirMed Health Air Ambulance, Dec11
EC145 9359 N909SH : Sanford AirMed Health Air Ambulance, Aug11
EC145 9218 2008N911MK : Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center at Sioux Fall ...

5 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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