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texas army national guard

36th Combat Aviation Brigade, part of 36th Infantry Division, the Texas Division

- Co B(-) 1-114th Aviation Regiment: UH-72 Lakota
- Catfish Company 2-149 General Support Aviation Battalion : Chinook
- 1st Battalion, 149th Aviation Regiment : Apache
Co D Det1 - Tupelo, Mississippi Army National Guard
Co E Det1 - Tupelo, Mississippi Army National Guard
- 3rd Battalion, 131st Aviation Regiment : Black Hawk

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1st Battalion, 149th Aviation Regiment

News of Texas National Guard

Texas Guards Sling Load Apache with Chinook, 01-Sep-16 : Texas Army National Guard, 1-149 ARB, 36th CAB AH-64D Apache was sling load by Chinook following a precautionary landing due to mechanical issues.

Texans in Search and Rescue Exercise, 08-Jun-16 : Texas Military Department, Travis County STAR flight, Texas Department of Public Safety, U.S. Coast Guards with Houston and Austin Police Departments in Search and Rescue exercise

Texas National Guard MedEvac Exercise in Chile, 26-Apr-16 : The Texas Air National Guard C-130H2 Hercules deployed to Chile for FIDAE participated in a medical air-evacuation exercise with a Chilean Air Force UH-1H Huey after the expo

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List of aircraft

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List of Aircraft for . / Texas / TX ARNG
C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
9227 uh-72a 08-72063 : LUH063;Texas ARNG AASF Austin / Bergstrom International Airport;Co B(-) +
9231 uh-72a 08-72064 : US Army, test serial N529AE; Jul09 asg 1-108th AVN, Texas ARNG
9233 uh-72a 2009 08-72065 : US Army; Jul09 1-108th AVN, Texas ARNG
- N527AE : Wells Fargo Bank Feb/Aug 2009
uh-72a 08-72067 : US Army; 2012 Camp Mabry Army base at Austin, Texas
uh-72a 11-72199 : Texas ARNG AASF Austin / Bergstrom International Airport;Co B(-) +
uh-72a 11-72201 : US Army; d/d May12 21st Cavalry Brigade, Fort Hood, Texas
uh-72a 12-72234 : Texas ARNG AASF Austin / Bergstrom International Airport;Co B(-) +
58-41 h-34a 1956 53-4487 : del US ARMY as H-34A, 53-4487, 04May56; conv CH-34C, Apr63; sos Atlanta Go+
58-45 h-34a 1956 53-4491 : del US ARMY as H-34A, 53-4491, 04May56; to CH-34C Oct64; sos Atlanta Gover+
58-242 h-34a 1956 54-2861 : del US ARMY as H-43A, 54-2861, 27Apr56; to CH-34C Oct64; soc Atlanta Gover+
- XJ027 : sold Allied Aircraft Sales, Oct77; xfer Bobs Airpark, unk; xfer Jacks Gove+
58-277 h-34a 1956 54-2879 : del US ARMY as H-34A, 54-2879, 04May56; to H-34C by Jan62; soc: Atlanta Go+
- XJ039 : xfer Allied Aircraft Sales as XJ039, 21Feb79; xfer Bobs Airpark, unk; xfer+
58-288 h-34a 1956 54-2888 : del US ARMY as H-34A, 54-2888, 05Jun56; to CH-34C May64; DA 2410 shows "un+
- 3H254 : sold Bobs Airpark as 3H254, Feb83; sold Jul00
58-308 h-34a 1956 54-2905 : del US ARMY as H-34A, 54-2905, 28Jun56; to CH-34C Jun64; DA 2410 shows "un+
US Air Force XJ162 : xfer Holloman AFB as XJ162/3H254, unk; expended as range target, unk
58-323 h-34a 1956 54-2996 : del US ARMY as H-34A, 54-2996, 24Jul56; to CH-34C Feb63; soc Atlanta Gover+
- N1383B : sold Corvalis Aero Service as N1383B, 26Jan82
58-326 h-34a 1956 54-2998 : del US ARMY as H-34A, 54-2998, 09Aug56; to CH-34C by Feb66; soc Atlanta Go+
- XJ078 : sold Allied Aircraft Sales as XJ078, unk; xfer Bobs Airpark, unk; xfer Jac+
58-154 h-34a 1955 54-896 : del US ARMY as H-34A, 54-896, 26Nov55; to CH-34C by Feb66; soc Atlanta Gov+
- ? : sold Duschaks International Helicopters as ???, unk; conv S-58T, unk
Lao People's Armed Forces 54-896 : S-58T Laos RPDL-3-4069
58-575 h-34a 1957 55-4504 : del US ARMY as H-34A, 55-4504, 10Jun57; to H-34C by Jan62; soc Atlanta Gov+
Nicaraguan Air Force NAF525 : rts & xfer Nicaraguan AF as FAN525, Mar77.
58-663 h-34a 1957 56-4301 : del US ARMY as H-34A, 56-4301, 13Sep57; to CH-34C Apr64; soc Atlanta Gover+
- XJ076 : xfer Allied Aircraft Sales as XJ001, unk; xfer Bobs Airpark, unk; xfer Jac+
58-737 h-34a 1958 56-4329 : del US ARMY as H-34A, 56-4329, 09Jan58; to CH-34C Mar64; soc Atlanta Gover+
58-918 h-34a 57-1726 : this was Army One for President JFK prior to transfering to The Texas Nati+
: 26nov13 located at Camp Mabry in Austin, Texas. It will be going through a+
247 UH-1B 60-3601 : US Army; 18mar94 pictured preserved at Lackland AFB, Texas
1266 UH-1C 64-14142 : Preserved on display at Texas Military Forces Museum, Camp Mabry, Austin, +
5112 uh-1d 65-10068 : Jan09 pictured preserved static display on the National Vietnam War Museum+
5764 uh-1d 66-16070 : 1978-1980 I was the crew chief/mechanic at Fort Hood, Texas
Colombian National Police PNC-144 : Policia Nacional; w/o 07dec92
76-0636 th-55a 66-18324 : US Army; w/o 23jun67 crashed at Fort Wolters, Texas in training accident @+
40200 oh-58a 68-16886 : 1990-1993 I flew this aircraft at Ft Ord, Ca. Charlie Troop, 2nd Squadron,+
State of Kansas N870HP : Kansas Highway Patrol (KHP) May96-Jan13
11788 uh-1h 69-15500 : Oct13 preserved at CAF Museum, Midland, Texas
12211 uh-1h 1970 69-15923 : US Army; 507th Medical Coy, Texas; 163rd Aviation Coy, Kentucky; 5th Aviat+
Royal New Zealand Air Force NZ3800 : This airframe never served with RNZAF and bears a false serial for display+
: 09nov16 pictured in 3 Sq markings at RNZAF Museum, Wigram in the Reserve C+
b-666 ch-47c 70-15024 : 1972-1974 crewed A/C at Ft Hood, Texas
12516 uh-1h 70-16211 : 1973-1975 I flew this as the CE with the 6th ACCB at Fort Hood, Texas
Argentine Navy 0877 : ARA 3-H-306 d/d dec00; ex 70-16211; feb08 3rd Esc desactivated and stored;+
Argentine Army Aviation AE-495 : Ejercito, ex Navy 3-H-306 from Aug10
12857 uh-1h 71-20033 : US Army; conv JUH-1H; 10mar94 pictured at Fort Rucker, Alabama; Mar05 str +
- N234SD : from 26nov07, ex 71-20033
21085 ah-1g 71-21014 : The very first (Had a total of 5 hours) Crew Chief was SP5 James Schraeder+
22152 ah-1s 78-23046 : US Army; Mar81 pictured ith 3ARC at Fort Bliss, Texas; conv to AH-1E; 19+
PV063 ah-64a 84-24203 : 3-6th Cav. w/o Brady AP Texas 02nov93
PV746 ah-64a 90-0419 : B Coy/7-6th Cav. w/o 6mar95 at Conroe Montgomery County AP Texas
PV749 ah-64a 90-0422 : 7/6th Cav. w/o 4nov97 inflight fire during at San Saba Texas. 2 fatalities
PV778 ah-64a 90-0451 : US Army BuNo 90-00451; Jul12 Texas Army National Guard; last operational A+
M.3404 ch-47d 91-00255 : Jan14 2-149th AVN, Texas Army National Guard
70-1617 uh-60l 1991 91-26321 : w/o 12jan09 crashed during takeoff at Texas A&M College Station

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