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  • libya N° 1347 Squadron

    Al Quwwat al-Jawwiya al-Libiyya

    1347 Sqd : 1347 Squadron
    Libyan Air Force



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    CH-47C Chinook

    Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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    C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
    R-001 ch-47c LC-001:
    United Arab Emirates Air Force W001: 2518 Group 25
    R-002 ch-47c LC-002:
    United Arab Emirates Air Force W002: 2546 Group 25
    R-003 ch-47c 1976 LC-003:
    R-004 ch-47c 1977 LC-004: Mitiga
    LC-004: 1387sq camo c/s
    R-005 ch-47c 1977 LC-005:
    R-006 ch-47c LC-006:
    United Arab Emirates Air Force W005: 2548 Group 25
    R-007 ch-47c LC-007: 1387sq green c/s rebuilt as CH-47C+
    United Arab Emirates Air Force W006: 2558 Group 25
    R-008 ch-47c 1977 LC-008: sand/camo original paint
    R-009 ch-47c LC-009: 1387sq w/o 22sep81
    R-010 ch-47c LC-010: 040ct09 in new dark repainting (rebuilt as CH-47C+) from its former light +
    LC-010: 01mar11 at a western libyan-tunisian border crossing station
    LC-010: Free Libyan Air Force AT Malta International Airshow
    LC-010: hit by shrapnel following an air strike at Mitiga International Airport i+
    R-011 ch-47c 1978 LC-011: on delivery flight
    LC-011: major damages to structure (stored)
    R-012 ch-47c LC-012:
    United Arab Emirates Air Force W012: 2561 Group 25
    R-013 ch-47c 1979 LC-013:
    R-014 ch-47c 1979 LC-014:
    LC-014: without rotor blades
    R-015 ch-47c LC-015:
    United Arab Emirates Air Force W015: 2562 Group 25
    R-016 ch-47c 1979 LC-016: (spring) near the village of Aouzou in northern Chad
    United Arab Emirates Air Force W016: 2591 Group 25
    R-017 ch-47c 1980 LC-017: being overhauled
    LC-017: delivering cash to banks in Gharyan
    R-018 ch-47c LC-018:
    United Arab Emirates Air Force W018: 2598 Group 25
    R-019 ch-47c 1980 LC-019: 02dec07 joint Libyan-Algerian military exercises in the Libyan town of Zli+
    R-020 ch-47c LC-020: Green roundel
    LC-020: Departure to South Italy, Shyanuwuk (libyan callname)
    LC-020: Technical stop (refuelling) from Vergiate to Crotone
    LC-020: Recovery of libyan mig crashed (heli cap. pilot Mustafa Krazah)
    20 C/N found in this Organisation.