austria 3 Hubschrauberstaffel, Fliegerregiment 1

Österreichische Luftstreitkräfte

3 helicopter squadron, flight regiment 1
Austrian Air Force

1976 to 2010    

In 2010 renamed in MzHSSt.

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1976/10Langenlebarn / TullnLOXT


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1976/10OH-58B Kiowa

Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
42239 oh-58b 3C-OA: Austria Air Force
3C-OA: pictured during HB2013 at Ovar airbase, Portugal
42240 oh-58b 3C-OB: Austria Air Force
3C-OB: Jul13 HB13 at Ovar, Portugal
42241 oh-58b 3C-OC:
42242 oh-58b 3C-OD:
42243 oh-58b 3C-OE:
42244 oh-58b 3C-OF: w/o 27feb92
42245 oh-58b 3C-OG:
42246 oh-58b 3C-OH:
42247 oh-58b 3C-OI: Austria AF; pictured with a camera or loud speaker (?) at Zeltweg airbas+
42248 oh-58b 3C-OJ: Austria Air Force
3C-OJ: Belgian Helidays 2003 with a 7.62 mm minigun mounting just below the rear +
3C-OJ: pictured during HB2013 at Ovar airbase, Portugal
42249 oh-58b 3C-OK:
42250 oh-58b 3C-OL:
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