brazil 3°/8° GAv - Esquadrão Puma

Força Aérea Brasileira

3rd Squadron / 8th Air Group
Brazilian Air Force


3°/8° GAv - Esquadrão Puma Força Aérea Brasileira

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Campo Delio Jardim de Mattos / Campo dos AfonsosSBAF


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2015/    EC725 Caracal
1986/15AS332 Super Puma
1981/86SA330 Puma

Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
2813 ec725 2011 8505: FAB BRV001 VH-36 VIP type d/d 2011, white livery
Eurocopter France F-ZWDN: Eurocopter EC725AP Cougar Mk2+, to FAB 8505
2844 ec725 8506: Eurocopter EC725AP Cougar Mk2+, BRV002; FAB VH-36 VIP type, white livery; +
2762 ec725 2010 8510: FAB BRA001 H-36 Caracal type f/f 2010
8510: 25oct10 pictured with 1/8 GAv Esquadrao Falcao during first operational m+
8510: Mar12 at FIDAE expo, Santiago de Chile
8510: Jan14 reaches 1000 flight hours with FAB
Eurocopter France F-ZWBL: Eurocopter EC725AP Cougar Mk2+ c/n BRA001, to FAB 8510
ec725 8511: FAB BRA004 H-36 CSAR type
ec725 8512: FAB BRA006 1°/8°GAv d/d Nov12
ec725 8513: FAB BRA010 1°/8°GAv d/d Apr14
ec725 2014 8514: FAB BRA014; 10sep14 pictured d/d Esquadrão Falcão (1º/8º GAV), Itajub+
ec725 8515: FAB BRA021 H-36
ec725 8516: FAB BRA023 H-36 3°/8° Esquadrão Puma Sep15
ec725 8517: FAB BRA024 H-36
ec725 8518: FAB BRA026 H-36
ec725 8519: FAB BRA029 H-36
ec725 8520: FAB BRA032 H-36
ec725 8521: FAB BRA035 H-36
ec725 8522: FAB BRA037 H-36
ec725 8523: FAB BRA043 H-36
ec725 8524: FAB BRA044 H-36
ec725 8525: FAB BRA047 H-36
1624 sa330l 8700: FAB CH-33 type. ex F-ZKBI. to Turkey as EM1624 1991
Turkish National Police EM-1624: Polis; ex FAB 8700
1626 sa330l 8701: FAB CH-33 type. wfu (1981/1997)
1628 sa330l 8702: FAB CH-33 type. wfu 1997
1630 sa330l 8703: FAB CH-33 type. to Turkey as EM1630 1991
Turkish National Police EM-1630: Polis; ex FAB 8703
1632 sa330l 8704: FAB CH-33 type. wfu 1997
1635 sa330l 8705: FAB CH-33 type. to Turkey as EM1635 1991
Turkish National Police EM-1635: Polis; ex FAB 8705
2171 as332L 8730: FAB CH-34 type, Apr86
2181 as332L 8731: FAB CH-34 type; 09jun09 pictured
2183 as332L 8732: FAB CH-34 type
2191 as332m 8733: FAB CH-34 type
2194 as332m 8734: FAB CH-34 type
2196 as332m 8735: FAB VH-34 type (VIP white cammo)
2199 as332m 8736: FAB CH-34 type, Jul95
2207 as332m 8737: FAB CH-34 type
2212 as332m 8738: FAB CH-34 type
2215 as332m 8739: FAB CH-34 type; w/o 27mar90
8739: This aircraft crashed in a night rescue mission, Rio de Janeiro 27mar90
2220 as332m1 8740: FAB VH-34 type (VIP); 03dec08 pictured with President Lula at Brasilia air+
35 C/N found in this Organisation.

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