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Jamaica Defence Force

1963 to present    

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1963/    Kingston / Up Park Camp


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2018/    429
2007/    407
1999/    AS355 Ecureuil 2
1998/    412

Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
2901 47g-3 1963 JDF H-1: JDF; to N90769
- N90769: private from 13sep82; ex JDFH-1
1519 206b-2 1975 JDF H-14: JDF; to N241SJ
- N828AC: Maricopa Helicopter Llc at San Joaquin, CA from 2005
- N828AC: w/o 02jan13 at Spangler Road, Delano, CA during low level frost control flight over a vineyard. 1 fa...
1581 206b-2 JDF H-15: JDF
- N171SJ: San Joaquin Helicopters at Delano, CA Jun00-May17; canc
1914 206b-2 JDF H-16: JDF
- N170SJ: San Joaquin Helicopters at Delano, CA Jun00-Sep13; expired
2354 206b-3 1978 JDF H-17: JDF
- N240SJ: San Joaquin Helicopters at Delano, CA Jun00?-May09
- N240SJ: Quetop Corp at Tampa, FL Aug09-Jan12
- N240SJ: Samaritan Air Inc at Jupiter, FL Jan12-Feb17
- N240SJ: Agricultural Air Services Llc at Jupiter, FL Mar17-Mar18
- ?: Ecuador unk from Mar18
47553 222ut 1986 JDF H-18: JDF d/d dec86; ex N32022; w/o 21may88
Bell Helicopter N32022: Bell 222UT, cn47553, ff: 1986; reg Bell Helicopters as N32022, 1986
2907 47g-3 1964 JDF H-2: JDF; to N83779
- N83779: Pacific Aero Services from 1989; ex JDFH-2
36212 412ep JDF H-23: JDF; Bell serial N4446K
36217 412ep JDF H-24: JDF; Bell serial N82349
36228 412ep JDF H-25: JDF; Bell serial N8071J
5654 as355n JDF H-26: JDF from 1999 3rd Flight; to C-GNZA
5664 as355n JDF H-27: JDF from 1999 3rd Flight; to C-GNZB
5666 as355n JDF H-28: JDF from 1999 3rd Flight
JDF H-28: Feb13 rebuilding in progress
5668 as355n JDF H-29: JDF from 1999 3rd Flight
657 206a JDF H-3: JDF w/o 25feb73
53716 407 2006 JDF H-30: JDF d/d 09mar07; ex N716DF
53721 407 2006 JDF H-31: JDF d/d 09mar07; ex N721DF; w/o 04jul07 at Up Park Camp
53820 407 JDF H-32: JDF d/d 11aug08; ex N95330
53827 407 JDF H-33: JDF d/d 11aug08; ex N1133B
4650 206b-3 2008 JDF H-34: JDF from 2008
Bell Helicopter N408BH: Bell May/Aug 2008, test serial C-GLZH
4670 206b-3 2009 JDF H-35: JDF from 2010
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FXOI: Bell Canada, test serial C-FOFB
Bell Helicopter N374CZ: Bell, Mar09-Jun10
57337 429 2017 JDF H-36: JDF from Aug18
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FYIZ: Bell Canada Sep17-Feb18
Bell Helicopter N837KB: Bell Feb/Aug 2018
57338 429 2017 JDF H-37: JDF from Aug18
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FYLR: Bell Canada Oct17-Feb18
Bell Helicopter N837LT: Bell Feb/Aug 2018
981 206b-2 JDF H-4: JDF; wfu by 1989
985 206b-2 JDF H-5: JDF; wfu
30581 212 JDF H-6: JDF, to N214SJ
State of California N214SJ: San Joaquin Helicopters from 2000
30589 212 1973 JDF H-7: JDF, to N213SJ
State of California N213SJ: San Joaquin Helicopters from 2000
30596 212 1973 JDF H-8: JDF; to N60154
State of California N212SJ: San Joaquin Helicopters at Delano, CA Jun99-Feb10
- CP-2635: Bolivia from 2010
28 C/N found in this Organisation.