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    Australia Air Ambulances

    1996 to present    


    racq cq rescue

    Established 1996 as CQ RESQ, the Central Queensland Helicopter Rescue Service changed name to CQ Rescue in 2004.
    Operating 2 Bell 412 from MacKay airport, flies its 4,000th mission on January 2010
    1996-2013 operated by Lloyd Helicopters / CHC
    From 2013 operated by Australian Helicopters

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    News of RACQ CQ Rescue

    1220 Rescue Missions for RACQ This Year, 09-Jun-17 : Australia RACQā€™s rescue helicopter network, ( LifeFlight Rescue, CQ Rescue and Capricorn Helicopter Rescue ) clocked up more than 1220 missions so far this year

    RACQ CQ Rescue 7000th Mission, 01-Aug-16 : Australia s RACQ CQ Rescue celebrating 20 years with its 7000th mission

    Record Month for Mackay Rescue Helicopter, 05-Jul-16 : Australia s RACQ CQ Rescue completed 51 tasks last month and accumulated 90.58 flying hours

    Bell 412 Winches Tourist from Cruise Ship 230km offshore, 30-Nov-15 : A 66-year-old woman winched by RACQ CQ Rescue Bell 412r from the cruise liner Sun Princess 230 km offshore


    1996/    MackayYBMK


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    Aerospatiale SA365C Dauphin 2
    Bell 206L-3 Long Ranger
    Bell 407
    Bell 412
    Bell 412EP
    Bell 412SP

    RACQ CQ Rescue List of helicopters

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    C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
    33044 412 1981 VH-BZH : RACQ CQ Rescue 2009-2013
    Lloyd Helicopters VH-BZH : Australia from Oct81, test serial N18098
    : Lloyd Australia, noted 1985
    CHC Helicopters Australia VH-BZH : CHC Australia from Aug05
    State of Alaska N412NP : Northern Pioneer Helicopters at Big Lake, AK from Feb16
    36374 412ep 2005 VH-CQJ : RACQ CQ Rescue from Jul13, op by Australian Helicopters; pictured
    Bell Helicopter N3119U : Bell Apr/Aug 2005
    Helisureste EC-JLH : Helisureste 2005-2011; from 2006 in Portugal
    INAER Portugal CS-HHJ : INEM ambulance, noted 2012
    Australian Helicopters VH-CQJ : Australian Helicopters Pty from Sep13
    36100 412ep 1994 VH-EPK : RACQ CQ Rescue 2011-2012
    Mexico Government XC-JCU : Gobierno del Estado de Mexico, to N412HH
    Helicopter Express Inc N412HH : Helicopter Express Oct06-Feb07
    CHC Helicopters Australia VH-EPK : CHC Australia from Feb07; Ambulance Service of New South Wales
    Lloyd Helicopters VH-EPK : Lloyd Helicopters from Sep11; HEMS
    53105 407 VH-HTD : RACQ CQ Rescue, op by Lloyd Helicopters; w/o 17oct03 off Cape Hillsborough+
    Bell Helicopter N4116 : Bell Feb/May 1997
    - P2-IHJ : Papua New Guinea, to VH-HTD
    Lloyd Helicopters VH-HTD : Lloyd Helicopters, Ambulance
    51002 206l-3 1982 VH-LHP : RACQ CQ Rescue 1996-2005, their first helicopter; As backup from 2001
    - G-LIII : Air Hanson Sales Ltd Dec82-Apr83, test serial N1084D
    - G-CJCB : JC Bamford Excavators Ltd Apr83-Apr90
    Heliwest VH-LHP : Heliwest, noted 2007-2010
    - VH-LHP : Rotorwest Pty from Nov12
    36015 412sp 1990 VH-LSY : RACQ CQ Rescue from Sep13, op by Australian Helicopters
    Bell Helicopter N555BA : 1990-2006 unk
    : Bell Helicopters Mar06-Apr07; conv to 412HP
    State of Texas N555BA : San Antonio AirLIFE Texas, noted May06
    Australian Helicopters VH-LSY : Australian Helicopters from May07; 2014 rebrand Babcock MCS Australia
    33091 412 1982 VH-NSP : RACQ CQ Rescue 2005-2006, op by CHC
    national air naval service FAP-1011 : Panama Air Force, teset serial N22797; 1983 PapaCoptero; 1985 reser HP-962
    - HP-962 : Panama, to N22976
    National Safety Council of Australia VH-NSP : NSCA, , first reg Jan85
    Lloyd Helicopters VH-NSP : Lloyd Australia
    : Ambulance Helimed by
    : Boxing Day 1998 - Awarded a Group Citations for Bravery and the AHS Kossle+
    : pictured (pic1) date unk, with Fire and Emergency Services Authority of W+
    CHC Helicopters Australia VH-NSP : CHC Australia Aug05-Mar17
    : pictured (pic2) at the Wagga Wagga Base Hospital helipad at the Duke of Ke+
    Agrarflug Helilift GmbH D-HHVV : Agrarflug Helilift GmbH from Apr17
    : 26apr18 Agrarflug at Ahlen
    Rotorsun D-HHVV : Rotorsun Spain, pictured (pic3)
    33084 412 1982 VH-NSV : RACQ CQ Rescue -2013; 2011 3000 hs service, temp repl by VH-EPK
    - N3172D : to VH-AHH
    Lloyd Helicopters VH-AHH : Lloyd Australia, first reg Jun87
    Lloyd Helicopters VH-NSV : Adeilaide Bank titles, 2002-2004
    CHC Helicopters Australia VH-NSV : CHC Australia from Aug05
    Royal Australian Air Force VH-NSV : RAAF Search and Rescue, op by CHC Australia
    : pictured (pic2) at Wagga Wagga Airport
    FAASA Chile CC-APK : Sold to Eagle Copters Australia, refurbished and exported to Faasa AviaciĆ+
    5033 sa365c VH-PVK : RACQ CQ Rescue 2004-2009
    romanian air force YR-DFB : Romania, test serial F-WYMA; VIP Romanian President Nicolae Ceausescu
    - F-WTNG : conv to 365C1
    Australia Police VH-PVK : Victoria Police 1986-2001

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