united kingdom School of Flight Deck Operations

Fleet Air Arm


1995 to present    


Renamed from the School of Aircraft Handling in Nov 1995, at RNAS Culdrose (A Site). SFDO trains aircraft handlers to move helicopters around the restrictive environment of a flight deck - both large and small.

The unit has dummy decks laid out on the ground as well as a portable Small Ships hangar frame with lighting. It has an impressive collection of expired and instructional airframes and also has a number of Sea Harriers in taxi-able condition (and can thus be marshalled), although they are prohibited from flying.

It also uses the area on the south side of Predannack as fire pits to train deck handlers in emergency fire firghting.

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1995/    RNAS CuldroseEGDR
1995/    PredannackEGDO


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