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  • aw139 firefighter helicopter
  • as350 firefighter helicopter
  • md500 firefighter helicopter

Established 1946, Simplex Aerospace is a leader in design, manufacturing, and certification of aerial application systems and mission equipment. Based in Portland. Acquired by DART Aerospace in 2019

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News of Simplex Aerospace

Internal Fire Attack System for Black Hawk, 30-Oct-19 : #BlackHawk Simplex, recently acquired by DART Aerospace, granted additional Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Type Certificates (TCs) for Internal Fire Attack System (FAS) for commercial Black Hawk firefighter helicopters

DART Aerospace Acquires Simplex Aerospace, 03-Oct-19 : #firefighting DART Aerospace acquired Simplex Aerospace. Based in Portland, Oregon, Simplex is an aerial firefighting and agricultural spray mission equipment leader founded in 1946 with customers in 120 countries. Terms of the transaction have not been disclosed

900-Gallon Tank for Commercial Black Hawk Firefighter, 07-Sep-19 : #BlackHawk Simplex Aerospace Model 370i 900-gallon internal tank system granted certification by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the Timberline Helicopters commercial Black Hawk

R66 Agricultural Spray System from Simplex, 08-Dec-18 : #spray Simplex received Federal Aviation Adminsitration (FAA) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for their agricultural spray system for the Robinson R66

Simplex Internal Fire Attack System for Black Hawk, 15-Mar-18 : Simplex unveiled new 850 gallon / 3200 liters internal fire attack system for the Black Hawk S-70i, S-70A, UH-60A and UH-60L

KAI Tested KUH-1 Surion Firefighter Variant, 22-Dec-17 : Korean Aerospace Industries (KAI) tested the Simplex Model 338 fire attack system capable of holding 2000-liters in the KUH-1 Surion

16-Oct-17 - Travis County Acquires 3 AW169 with Simplex Tanks
11-May-17 - Simplex SkyCannon for Chinese AC313
01-Apr-16 - Fire Attack System for the CH-47D Chinook
16-Mar-16 - Simplex Aerospace Celebrates 70 Anniversary
23-Nov-15 - Simplex High Rise Firefighting System for the H225
17-Jun-15 - Simplex Fire Attack Systems for Chinese AC313
11-Jun-15 - Brazil ANAC Approves R44 Agricultural Spray System

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