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1Naval Gun Oto Melara 76 mm


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    Typical Max
RO Romanian Naval Forces IAR 330 11

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    

List of Ships

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RORomanian Naval ForcesF221Regele FerdinandFR2004--
RORomanian Naval ForcesF222Regina MariaMR2005--

2 units


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2004-sep-9CommissionedRO F221 Regele Ferdinand ex UK RN HMS Coventry (F98)
2005-apr-21CommissionedRO F222 Regina Maria ex UK RN HMS London (F95)
2005-jun-24DeploymentRO F222 Regina Maria Fleet Review: Trafalgar 200 Present at Trafalgar 200 Fleet Review, off Browndown anchorage
2005-jul-1Port VisitRO F222 Regina Maria Present at International Festival of the Sea 2005, Portsmouth
2011-aprDeploymentRO F221 Regele Ferdinand Operation Unified Protector deployed from Constanța for NATO embargo enforcement, off Libya.

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