Naval Radar


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NLair search radar AN/SPS 501
USair search radar AN/SPS-37
USair search radar AN/SPS-39
USair search radar AN/SPS-40
USair search radar AN/SPS-52
USair search radar AN/SPS-58
NLair search radar DA01
NLair search radar DA05
NLair search radar DA08
FRair search radar DRBV 23B
FRair search radar DRBV 51
FRair search radar DRBV-15 Sea Tiger
        france air search radar DRBV-15C Sea Tiger Mk2
        china air search radar Type 360S/SR60
FRair search radar DRBV-26 Juptier
        france air search radar DRBV-26C
                france air search radar DRBV-21A Mars
        france air search radar DRBV-26D Jupiter-I
NLair search radar LW-08
1977         united kingdom air search radar Type 1022
ITair search radar MM/SPS-702
NLair search radar SMART-3D
NLair search radar SPS-01
air search radar TRS-3D
UKair search radar Type 967
USfire direction radar AN/SPG-51
USfire direction radar AN/SPS-65
SEfire direction radar CelsiusTech 9LV
FRfire direction radar DRBC 31
FRfire direction radar DRBC 32
NLfire direction radar LIROD
ITfire direction radar MM/SPG-76 (RTN-30X)
NLfire direction radar STIR 180
FRfire direction radar Thales Arabel
NLfire direction radar WM22
NLfire direction radar WM25
        netherlands fire direction radar WM28
1977                 usa fire direction radar Mk.92
FRheight finding radar DRBI 10
NLlong range search SMART-L
2005         united kingdom long range search S1850M
DEnavigation radar Atlas Elektronik 9600 ARPA
FRnavigation radar DECCA 1226
ITnavigation radar MM/SPN 703
USnavigation radar Nucleus 5000
UKnavigation radar Type 978
NLnavigation radar ZW-06
ITsearch radar Selenia MM/SPS 768 (RAN 3L)
FRsurface and low level air search radar DRBV50
ITsurface search radar AN/SPQ-2D
USsurface search radar AN/SPS-10
USsurface search radar AN/SPS-55
USsurface search radar AN/SPS-67
USsurface search radar AN/SPS-73
SEsurface search radar CelsiusTech 9LV 453 TIR
NLsurface search radar MW08
UKsurface search radar Type 968
UKsurface and low level air search radar AWS-4
        united kingdom surface and low level air search radar Type 994
ITfire direction radar Selenia Orion RTN-10X
        united kingdom fire direction radar Type 912
ITfire direction radar Selenia Orion RTN-25X
NLfire direction radar STIR 240
UKcarrier controlled approach radar Type 961
UKfire direction radar Type 903
UKfire direction radar Type 911
UKheight finding radar Type 983
UKsurface and low level air search radar Type 992
UKsurface and low level air search radar Type 997
UKsurface search radar Type 975
1941 UKair search radar Type 281
1943 UKair direction radar Type 277
1944 UKfire direction radar Type 275
1945 UKair search radar Type 960
1945 UKsurface and low level air search radar Type 293
1947 UKsurface and low level air search radar Type 262
1950 UKair direction radar Type 982
1950 UKnavigation radar Type 974
1955 UKair search radar Type 965
1957 UKcarrier controlled approach radar Type 963
1958 UKsurface and low level air search radar Type 993
1958 UKair direction radar Type 984
1959 UKfire direction radar Type 901
1971 USfire direction radar AN/SPG-60
1973 USair search radar AN/SPY-1 AEGIS
1973 UKfire direction radar Type 909
1974 UKnavigation radar Type 1006
1975 USair search radar AN/SPS-49
1978 UKnavigation radar DECCA 1290 ARPA
1979 UKfire direction radar Type 910
1983 USfire direction radar AN/SPG-62
1984 SEsurface and low level air search radar Sea Giraffe
1987 UKsurface and low level air search radar Type 996
1988 UKnavigation radar Type 1007
2008 UKhelicopter control radar KH Sharpeye
2008 UKnavigation radar KH Sharpeye

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