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  • Floating Production Storage and Offloading Floating Production Storage and Offloading classes (FPSO)


    FPSO are floating tank systems used by the offshore oil and gas industry. They take the oil or gas produced from rig platforms, process it, and store it until can be offloaded onto oil tankers, or sent through pipelines.

    A simplified type is the FSU or Floating Storage and Offloading unit which lacks processing capability.

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    FPSO class

    List of ships

    FPSO SerpentinaBS GQSER C6WH
    FPSO Akpo 5NMX Total Upstream Nigeria
    FPSO Cidade de AnchietaBS C6FI5 Petrobras
    FPSO Cidade de Angra dos ReisBS MV22 FPCAR Petrobras
    FPSO Cidade de CaraguatatubaBS MV27 Petrobras
    FPSO Cidade de IlhabelaBS C6YX9 Petrobras
    FPSO Cidade de ItaguaíBS MV26 Petrobras
    FPSO Cidade de MangaratibaBS MV24 Petrobras
    FPSO Cidade de MaricáPA Petrobras
    FPSO Cidade de ParatyBS Petrobras
    FPSO Cidade de SaquaremaPA Petrobras
    FPSO Cidade de São PauloBS MV23 FPCSP Petrobras
    FPSO Dynamic ProducerKN A8NR3
    FPSO ErhaNG 5NHO Esso Exploration and Production Nigeria
    FPSO PeregrinoBS C6AC4
    FPSO Petrobrás 37PA Petrobras
    FPSO Petrobrás 57MH V7RF8 Petrobras
    FPSO Petrobrás 58MH V7OQ4 Petrobras
    FPSO Petrobrás 67MH Petrobras
    FPSO Petrobrás 68LR Petrobras
    FPSO Petrobrás 74LR Petrobras