Drill Ship List of Drill Ship classes (DRILL)


A drillship is a vessel designed for use in deepwater exploratory offshore drilling of new oil and gas wells or for scientific drilling purposes

Derivatives / Succeeded by

List of ships

Deepsea AberdeenBM ZCEO2
Deepsea AtlanticBM ZCEV5
Deepsea BollstaNO LAGW8
Deepsea MiraNO LADK6
Deepsea NordkappBM ZCEW6
Deepsea StavangerBM ZCEC8
Deepsea YantaiBS C6CI7
Deepwater AquilaMH V7A6026
Deepwater OrionMH V7VB4
Discoverer AmericasMH V7MV8
Fugro SynergyBS C6XR3
KanuniTR TCA5982
Maersk ValiantMH V7A7162 Maersk
Maersk VoyagerMH V7A5961 Maersk
Noble Faye KozackLR D5DE5
Pacific MeltemLR D5GB3
Pacific SciroccoLR A8WH9
Stena CarronUK 2BKQ8
Stena EvolutionUK MOQX6
Stena IceMAXUK 2FMJ5
Valaris DS 17MH V7YE9
West CapellaPA 3E0L
West DoradoPA 3E5200
West JupiterPA 3FCT3
West PolarisPA 3EOK6

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