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  • F48 Bosisio

    BR Brazilian Navy

    1982 to 1996 - UK Royal Navy - Type 22 (Batch 1) Broadsword class F91 HMS Brazen    

    1996 to 2017    


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    MMSI: 709360424
    Flight Deck:
    Call Sign: PWBO


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    History of UK Type 22 (Batch 1) Broadsword class F91 HMS Brazen

    1978-aug-18Laid down
    1982-oct-6AircraftSouth Atlantic Lynx HAS.2 XZ690 noted ranged on flight deck, as ship departed Devonport to relieve HMS Battleaxe during mid Oct in South Atlantic. Returned on 6 Jan 1983.
    1983-nov-18DeploymentLBoff Lebanon Operation Offcut ordered to stand off Beirut as advanced units for support of British forces and civilians in Lebanon.
    1986-febPort VisitUKTower Bridge Upper early Feb visit, alongside HMS Belfast.
    1986-aug-7Deployment Armilla Patrol relieved from Armilla Patrol on station by HMS Syclla.
    1987-aug-20Port VisitMTGrand Harbour / il-Port il-Kbir / Valletta visited Valletta for c. a week. First British warship to visit officially, since the Dom Mintoff expelled the UK Armed Forces in 1979.
    1990-sepDeploymentPersian Gulf Task Group 321.1 Armilla Patrol Deployed to reinforce Armilla Patrol after Kuwaiti annexation by Iraq. Joined by HMS Cardiff and HMS Gloucester as part of TG 321.1, relieving HMS Battleaxe, HMS Jupiter and HMS York.
    1991-jan-29Deployment Operation Desert Shield/Storm Ships Flt Lynx (ZD256/330-BZ and XZ724/331-BZ), together with those from HMS Gloucester, HMS Cardiff and HMS Manchester, engaged Iraqi Fast Attack Craft with Sea Skua missiles.
    1992-feb-4Port VisitBMBermuda Dockyard Visited Bermuda 4 - 7 Feb 1992
    1994-sep-11DeploymentCLTalcahuano ran aground in Patagonian Canal and later patched up in Talcahuano, Chile. This incident was likely key to the later decision to sell her to Brazil.
    1996-aug-30Fate: transferedto Marinha do Brasil as BNS Bosisio

    History of BR F48 Bosisio

    1996-aug-31Commissionedex UK RN HMS Brazen
    2017-julFate: sunksunk as a target



        Typical Max
    BR Brazilian Navy Westland Super Lynx mk21a 12

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