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Monday October 4, 1999 :

New contract to maintain US army Blackhawks

Meggitt shares U.S. Army contract

London, UK ( Reuters ) - British aerospace and electronics company Meggitt Plc said on Monday it has won a contract to maintain U.S. army Black Hawk helicopters.
Meggitt's Vibro-Meter will team up with a B.F. Goodrich unit, Aircraft Integrated Systems, to provide new systems which use a computer to determine when a helicopter needs servicing.
The system replaces maintenance at fixed intervals, irrespective of the condition of vital parts, and is part of the army's drive to cut helicopter operating and support costs by 20 percent.
Meggitt said the systems should be ready for installation and testing in early 2001 and production potential is for 1,500 systems.
Meggitt did not say how much its part of the shared contract is worth but a spokesman said the amount was in excess of the $20 million value of its current contract for US navy Seahawks.