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Tuesday November 19, 2002 :

Whirlybirds 2003 - Documentary UPDATE

Wilmington, DE USA ( Press Release ) - "Whirlybirds 2003", the new television documentary dealing with rotary wing flight, is rolling as location production continues on the East coast. The current mission: to make presentation to international broadcasters during the NATPE convention (New Orleans) in January.

The one hour television special leads off with a special tribute to the pioneers, the men and women who introduced rotary wing flight and have made it such an integral part of our lifestyle. "Whirlybirds 2003" follows the progression of rotary wing aviation over the past 50 years, and highlights the various missions of helicopters through dramatic reenactments, sound bites with industry professionals and never before seen footage.

"This is the first program in a number of years, that is dedicated solely to helicopters and their vital missions," says producer Amy Steelman-Angeli. "...and we believe that the show (also) serves as a special tribute to the men and women who fly them."

Although the program will highlight many current rotary wing applications and programs, "Whirlybirds 2003" leads off by acknowledging the mother ship -- the Bell 47. And what better way than through the technical guidance and expertise of The Bell 47 Helicopter Association. Special thanks go out to Joey Rhodes and the association for offering to bring the history of the Bell 47 alive in vivid reenactments. Check the association's website at:

"We're still searching for a hospital-based air med-evac provider to feature in the program," says co producer and videographer, Lou Angeli. "Our plan is to demonstrate how medical helicopters squeeze the timeline by allowing seriously ill or injured patients to make it to definitive health care..." before the golden hour expires.

Other scenarios, which are scheduled for the show, include news gathering, firefighting, air rescue, law enforcement, and sport recreation. "We also wish to thank the aviation community for helping us bring this important story to the screen," says Amy, whose work includes reality television and documentaries. The team's Fire-Rescue footage is seen on TV networks worldwide, and is featured in an upcoming episode of NBC's "The West Wing."

The broadcast TV version of "Whirlybirds 2003" will be available in a special "extended director's cut" video and DVD. Live events, including a pilots' airshow, presented exclusively by the Bell 47 Association, are scheduled to help promote the program's release.

The producers are still searching for compelling leads, which will help in telling the story of helicopters and their pilots. Feel free to contact the Amy or Lou with your ideas and suggestions by phoning (302) 753-9620. email: Other programs produced by Amy and Lou:

"Whirlybirds 2003" is a working title only and is not intended to infringe on any existing trademark or copyright. Produced in association with: 9th Street Films, Inc.