Harold Pitcairn had been the founder of an aeroplane manufacturing company bearing his name and based at Willow Grove, Philadelphia, USA He recieved a licence to build autogiros in the USA after its founder had visited Juan de la Cierva in the United Kingdom and his company was subsequently renamed the Pitcairn Autogiro Company

More important to the US military aviation, Cierva and Pitcairn licenced the Kellett Autogiro Corporation of Philadelphia to build autogiros and the developed Kellett YG-1 of the late 1930s became the US Army's first rotary-winged aircraft

After the company became the G & A Aircraft Division of Firestone, the emergence of Bell and Sikorsky in a depleted post-war market discouraged one of the most important early pioneers from continuing the helicopter development in the early 1940s...

Models: PCA-1 (one was build)
PCA-2 (First commercially licenced autogiro in the USA, 20 built)
PAA-1 (some 20 were build)
PA-18 (19 were build 1932-1933)
PA-19 (the largest autogiro in the USA)
PA-20 (1932),
PA-21 (1932),
PA-22 (1933),
PA-24 (1932),
PA-33 (1935),
PA-34 (1936),
PA-35 (1937),
PA-36 (1938)


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