Scale Models

Cierva W.9

by Raul Hrubisko

The W.9, an unique single aircraft, was built in 1944 in Great Britain. Instead of having a tail propeller it used blown air for torque compensation and directional control. A variable pitch fan cooled the engine, the heated air and engine exhaust passing through the long hollow tail boom and exhausting to port.

It was destroyed in an accident in 1946 and the project was abandoned.

Powerplant: de Havilland Gipsy Queen #31 6 cylinders air-cooled piston engine of 205 hp

Crew:     2
Length:     11 m
Height:     3 m
Gross weight:     1,200 kgs
Main rotor diameter:     10.97 m
Main rotor area:     94.5 m2

Raul Hrubisko from Buenos Aires Argentina made this 1/72 model in almost a month of hard work. Construction of the fuselage was made by joining various parts of pens of different diameters sticking them through a central pipe and completing the form with glazier's putty. For the air outlet at the back side, a cap of fibre was held in a brace for three days in order to take its final form. The cabin was first created in a matrix mould and then it was extruded in a vacouform style. Only the wheels were taken from other kits. The paint used was chrome silver Modelmaster.

Cierva W9 scale model kit

Cierva W9 scale model kit

Cierva W9 scale model kit

Cierva W9 scale model kit

Cierva W9

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