Scale Models

Sikorsky R4 Royal Navy FT835

by Raul Hrubisko

MV Daghestan

The Admiralty had seen demonstrations of the Sikorsky XR-4 and been impressed with its anti-submarine potential and its small size offered the chance of ship-board operation. This had been confirmed by trials aboard the mv Daghestan during November 1943. The first was accepted in Mar 1944 in the USA and a second batch was sent by sea to the UK aboard HMS Thane (D48) at the end of Dec 1944. Others were kept in the USA to provide training for RN pilots. 240 were ordered for the UK (including the RAF) but many were canceled at the end of WWII.

Powerplant: Warner R-550 piston, 200 hp (149 kW)

Crew:     2
Length:     10.2 m
Height:     3.8 m
Empty weight:     950 kgs
Main rotor diameter:     11.5 m

FT835 was YR-4B ex 42-107246. Loaded onto mv Daghestan and sailed for UK 6 Jan 1944. Fitted with floats and believed to have flown convoy-protection trials from Daghestan during the voyage. Arrived General Aircraft Ltd Hanworth and issued to the Helicopter Unit early Feb 1944. Crashed at Hanworth in May 1944. Probably scrapped by 1946

Raul Hrubisko from Buenos Aires Argentina made this 1/72 model

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Aircraft history by: Dave Taskis

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