Kamov ka-32

Derived from ka-27 Helix

Model News

First Civil Kamov Ka-32 NVG Modification, 04-Feb-16 : Texas-based REBTECH announced approval by the Korean Office of Civil Aviation (KOCA) for a night vision (NVG) modification to Russian made KA-32 helicopter to perform night fire suppression operations

HSC to Repair 4 South Korea Forest Aviation Ka-32, 22-Oct-15 : Helicopter Service Company (HSC) to repair 4 South Korea’s Department of Forest Aviation Ka-32T. This is HSC s first direct contract as in the past they were a LG international contractor.

LG Discusses Overhall of South Korea Ka-32, 19-Oct-15 : A delegation from Russian Helicopters visit South Korea as part of its contract for overhaul of Ka-32 helicopters operated by Korea’s Forest Service.

Russian Support for South Korea KA-32 Engines, 08-Oct-15 : South Korea’s Civil Aviation Authority and Heli Korea visited Russian Helicopters Aviation Repair Plant No. 150 and extended a certificate for maintenance of Ka-32 helicopter engines.

Ka-32 service and maintenance centre in Korea, 28-Jan-14 : Moscow - The Korea Forest Service has formally opened a new service and maintenance centre for Ka-32 helicopters manufactured by Russian Helicopters, a subsidiary of Oboronprom, part of State Corporation Rostec.

Derivatives & Versions

RusHeli Ka-32A11BC
Ka-32T Helix-C

List of Operators of Kamov ka-32

From Organisation with model ka-32
south korea Sallim-cheong
switzerland Heliswiss International AG
    2 1996/   
south korea Daehanminguk Gong-gun
    7 2004/   
south korea Haeyang-gyeongchal-cheong
Construction Numbers on database of ka-32 or its versions


Construction Numbers

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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
5235001583602 UA UR-AAC : Rosavia, w/o 18jun09. 2 of 5 died
TR UR-AAC : 26Jun09 pictured during wrek rescue
5705 ka-32t RU RA-31009 : VA Air in 1997
6218 ka-32t RU CCCP-31036 : to RA-31036
RU RA-31036 : Russia, to UR-CIR
UA UR-CIR : 09mar15 pictured
6223 RU RA-31574 : Avialift, ex CCCP-31574
TR RA-31574 : Jun11 pictured with General Directorate of Forestry
6225 ka-32t RU RA-31575 : VA Air in 1997
78610 ka-32t RU CCCP-31068 : Aeroflot, conv to KA-32A
BG LZ-MSW : Bulgaria, to ZS-RRI
ZA ZS-RRI : Titan Helicopters, South Africa; Feb/Mar 2013 leased to+
8606 ka-32t CL CCCP-31064 : to RA-31064
RU RA-31064 : conv to Ka-32AO type c/n 8606/001; PANH Helicopters, no+
RU RA-31064 : Jul17 at Paphos International Airport, Cyprus
8709 1992 RU RA-31587 : ex CCCP-31587, to HB-XKE
CH HB-XKE : Heliswiss Jun96-Jul12, KA-32S conv KA-32A12 c/n 8709/02+
CH HB-XKE : Swiss Helicopter AG Jul12-Dec13, op by Heliswiss Intl
Swiss Heli AG from Dec13, op by Heliswiss Intl
CH HB-XKE : 27sep17 14:20 hs over Bognor Regis in westerly directio+
8805 ka-32t RU RA-31598 : to RA-31098
RU RA-31098 : to RF-31098
RU RF-32839 : conv Ka-32A c/n 8805/08; Russian Ministry of Emergency +
8809 ka-32t 2004 RU RA-31599 : KA-32T conv KA-32A12 c/n 8809/09
CH HB-ZFX : Ka-32A11BC Heliswiss Feb05-Jan14, op also by Helog and Swiss Heli
CA C-FMKV : VIH Helicopters from Apr14
21oct14 at Victoria, BC
18jan18 at Victoria, BC
9003 RU RA-31598 : Ka-32A conv to Ka-32AO c/n 9003/004; PANH Helicopters
9007 ka-32t KR HL9409 : Korea Forest Service FP602
9008 ka-32t KR HL9410 : Korea Forest Service FP603
9009 ka-32t KR HL9413 : Korea Forest Service FP607
9010 ka-32t KR HL9415 : Korea Forest Service FP609
9104 KR B502 : Coast Guard, ex 960
9108 KR B504 : Coast Guard, ex 962
9109 KR B503 : Coast Guard, ex 961
9201 ka-32t KR HL9411 : Korea Forest Service FP605
9202 ka-32t KR HL9412 : Korea Forest Service FP606
9203 ka-32t KR HL9414 : Korea Forest Service FP608
08may17 emergency landing after hit powerline during f+
9205 ka-32t KR HL9416 : Korea Forest Service FP610
9206 ka-32t KR HL9417 : Korea Forest Service FP611
9501 KR B505 : Coast Guard, ex 963
9502 KR B506 : Coast Guard, ex 964
9503 KR B507 : Coast Guard, ex 965
9504 KR B508 : Coast Guard, ex 965
9505 KR B509 : Coast Guard, ex 967
9604 ka-32t KR HL9418 : Korea Forest Service FP612
9605 ka-32t KR HL9419 : Korea Forest Service FP613
9606 ka-32t KR HL9420 : Korea Forest Service FP615
9607 ka-32t KR HL9421 : Korea Forest Service FP616
9608 ka-32t KR HL9422 : Korea Forest Service FP617
9609 ka-32t KR HL9423 : Korea Forest Service FP618
9610 ka-32t KR HL9424 : Korea Forest Service FP619
9611 ka-32t KR FP620 : Korea Forest Service w/o 17may01
9612 ka-32t KR HL9425 : Korea Forest Service FP621
9613 ka-32t KR HL9426 : Korea Forest Service FP622
9614 ka-32t KR HL9427 : Korea Forest Service FP623
9615 ka-32t KR HL9428 : Korea Forest Service FP625
9616 ka-32t KR HL9429 : Korea Forest Service FP626
9619 ka-32t KR HL9430 : Korea Forest Service FP627
9620 ka-32t KR HL9431 : Korea Forest Service FP628
9621 ka-32t KR HL9432 : Korea Forest Service FP629
9622 ka-32t KR HL9433 : Korea Forest Service FP630
9623 ka-32t KR HL9434 : Korea Forest Service FP631
9627 ka-32t KR HL9435 : Korea Forest Service FP632
9701 KR 04-001 : RoKAF HH-32A, 235 SRS
9702 KR 04-002 : RoKAF HH-32A, 235 SRS
9703 KR 04-003 : RoKAF HH-32A, 235 SRS
9704 KR 05-004 : RoKAF HH-32A, 235 SRS
9705 KR 05-005 : RoKAF HH-32A, 235 SRS
9706 KR 05-006 : RoKAF HH-32A, 235 SRS
9707 KR 05-007 : RoKAF HH-32A, 235 SRS
9711 ka-32t KR HL9436 : Korea Forest Service FP633
9816 CN B-7810 Chinare : Ka32A11BC; Chinare d/d 2009 Snow Eagle; w/o 08dec11 in+
56 C/N.

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