Sikorsky s-70 H-60



Sikorsky s-70 H-60

The S-70 is a medium-lift helicopter developed initialy for the US Army in the 1970s as a replacement for the Bell Huey spawning later a large family of both military and civilian variants


JUH-60A At least 7 airframes converted for evaluation and several testing purposes. Another 20 or more as GUH-60A for ground instruction
UH-60A Black Hawk 1977 First generation Blackhawk for the US Army. Produced 1977-1989. Certificated for commercial use in 2015
SH-60B Seahawk 1979 The Sikorsky S-70B-1 is the US Navy LAMPS (Light Airbone Multipurpose System) Mk3 platform and is deployed aboard frigates, destroyers, and cruis ...
EH-60A QuickFix 1981 US Army UH-60A modified for electronic warfare (EW) intended to locate, classify and disrupt enemy signals traffic
MH-60G Pave Hawk 1982 Special operations variant for the US Air Force. Redesignated HH-60G
S-70B 1984 The B is the foreign export version for naval duties based on the Seahawk Customized variants included: Spain Australia Greece Turkey ...
S-70C 1986 Export version
HH-60G Pave Hawk 1987 USAF variant. The Pave Hawk differs from the Army Black Hawk in its auxiliary fuel tanks, aerial refueling probe and forward-looking infrared. It ...
Mitsubishi S-70 1987
S-70A-11 Black Hawk 1987 export version for Jordanian Air Force
S-70A-14 1987 export version for Brunei
S-70A-9 Black Hawk 1987 Export version for Australia, assembled by Hawker de Havilland. First 8 delivered to the RAAF (then transferred to the Army) with remainder deliv ...
S-70B-2 Seahawk 1987 SH-60B export variant for Royal Australian Navy assembled by ASTA in Australia
SH-60F Oceanhawk 1987 The Sikorsky S-70B-4 was the carrier-borne anti-submarine warfare (ASW) variant of the Seahawk developed for the US Navy and equipped with a dipp ...
HH-60H Rescue Hawk 1988 The Sikorsky S-70B-5 was developed in conjunction with the US Coast Guard HH-60J. Rescue Hawk main roles are combat search and rescue (CSAR), na ...
MH-60L Black Hawk 1988 US Army special operations variant of the UH-60L produced as an interim version pending fielding of the ad-hoc MH-60K. Not all of the MH-60L hav ...
S-70A-17 Yarasa 1988 UH-60A Black Hawk export variant for Turkey
S-70A-19 Black Hawk 1988 A single aircraft known as Westland WS-70L
S-70B-1 Seahawk 1988 SH-60B variant for Spanish Navy designated HS.23
UH-60L Black Hawk 1989 Second generation Blackhawk for the US Army. To be upgraded as UH-60V
VH-60N Whitehawk 1989 Flown by USMC HMX-1 and supports the executive transport mission for the president of the United States. The Marines ordered nine of the $10.6-mi ...
Westland WS-70 Blackhawk 1989 Just one WS.70 (registration ZG468) was used by Westland for sales promotion in Europe. It was sold to Bahrain in 1996.
S-70A-1 Desert Hawk 1990 export version for the Royal Saudi Army. The S-70A-1L is the medevac variant
S-70A-18 Black Hawk 1990 South Korea locally built variant. Army UH-60P and Air Force HH-60P. Based on UH-60L but with some improvements. Around 150 assembled by Korean ...
S-70A-21 Black Hawk 1990 export version for Egypt
S-70A-24 Black Hawk 1990 Export version for Mexico based on UH-60L
S-70A-27 Black Hawk 1991 export SAR version for the Hong Kong Government Flying Service
HH-60J Jayhawk 1992 Sikorsky S-70B-5 / HH-60J for the United States Coast Guard. 42 delivered between 1990 and 1996. Redesignated MH-60J. All survivors converted ...
The HH-60J is a member of the Sikorsky S-70 family. Airframe is based on the US Navy SH-60 Seahawk variant and was developed in conjunction with ...
MH-60K Black Hawk 1992 US Army special operations variant powered by uprated T700-GE-701C engines and inflight refueling probe. Specially designed for long-range low-le ...
S-70A-26 Black Hawk 1992 export variant for Morocco
S-70A-28 Yarasa 1993 UH-60L Black Hawk export variant for Turkey
S-70A-30 Black Hawk 1993 export VIP version for Argentine Air Force
S-70B-6 Aegean Hawk 1994 export variant for the Greek navy
S-70A-34 Black Hawk 1997
S-70A-36 Black Hawk 1997 export version for the Brazilian Army
S-70B-7 Seahawk 1997 export version for the Royal Thai Navy
S-70A-39 Black Hawk 1998 export VIP version for Fuerza Aerea de Chile
S-70A-50 Black Hawk 1998 Export version for Israel, Peace Hawk program
s-92 Helibus 1998 The S-92 is a twin-engine medium-lift helicopter for the civil and military helicopter market developed from the S-70 Black Hawk. The mockup w ...
MH-60R Seahawk 1999 The MH-60R is the newest US Navy Seahawk replacing both the SH-60B and SH-60F as their primary antisubmarine helicopter in the also new HSM squad ...
S-70A Firehawk 1999 Firefighting variant equipped with a 1,000-gallon tank to carry water and fire suppressant. The Oregon Army National Guard was the launching cust ...
S-70A-32 1999
S-70A-33 1999
AH-60L 2000 export version for Colombia as COIN attack aircraft equipped with improved electronics and firing system. Developed by Elbit and designated Arpia
MH-60S Seahawk 2000 Used by the US Navy as a multi mission helicopter undertaking roles of anti-surface warfare, vertical replenishment, combat search and rescue (CS ...
It is based on the Army UH-60L Black Hawk but with the engines, drivetrain and rotors of the SH-60 Seahawk. A converted UH-60 prototype first fl ...
S-70A-41 Black Hawk 2001 export version for Colombian Army
S-70A-55 Black Hawk 2001 export version for Israel named Yanshuf
S-70B-28 Seahawk 2001 SH-60B export variant for Turkish Navy
S-70A-42 Black Hawk 2002 export version for Austria
S-70A-43 Black Hawk 2002 export version for Royal Thai Army
UH-60M Black Hawk 2003 Third generation Black Hawk for the US Army. In 2007, the Pentagon approved the full rate production of 1,227 UH-60M aircraft and long lead procu ...
HH-60M Black Hawk 2007 US Army medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) version of the UH-60M Black Hawk featuring full medical evacuation mission equipment and an external rescue ...
MH-60T Jayhawk 2007 USCG modification of their Sikorsky model S-70B-5 / HH-60J. 41 Jayhawks modified to MH-60T standard under Deepwater program between 2007 and 20 ...
The MH-60T Jayhawk features a Common Avionics Architecture System (CAAS) glass cockpit, comprised of five multi-function displays that present a ...
S-70i Black Hawk 2010 The S-70i is being produced for the international market at Sikorsky’s PZL Mielec facility in Poland
In 2015, the S-70i competed (and lost) against the French EC725 Caracal (winner) and the AgustaWestland / PZL-Świdnik AW149 in the Polish Armed ...
HH-60U 2011 Lockheed-Martin proposal to replace the UH-1N Huey USAF fleet. First 4 get from the US Army UH-60M Black Hawk production line and converted at th ...
MH-60M Black Hawk 2011 US Army special operations variant of the UH-60M. First two aircraft delivered to the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment ( 160 SOAR ) at ...
H-60 Unmanned 2012
Commercial UH-60 2014 In 2015 the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a groundbreaking restricted-category type certification to BHI H60 Helicopters, allowing ...
UH-60V Black Hawk 2017 UH-60L with Northrop Grumman / Curtiss-Wright glass cockpit comparable to the UH-60M First announced in 2014, is a collaborative effort betwee ...
TAI T70 2018 Turkish variant of the S-70i Black Hawk under the TUHP, Turkish Utility Helicopter Program. Sikorsky will deliver the first 5 kits for assembly ...
HH-60W CRH-60 2020 The CRH-60 is the new US Air Force Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) helicopter to replace the HH-60G Pave Hawk. Based on the UH-60M Black Hawk ...

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