sikorsky s-70 H-60


s-70 H-60

Model History:

s-70 H-60
The S-70 is a medium-lift helicopter developed initialy for the US Army in the 1970s as a replacement for the Bell Huey spawning later a large family of both military and civilian variants

News about this Model:

  • 01-Apr-14 - Kaman delivers 1,000th H-60 cockpit to Sikorsky
  • 31-Mar-14 - New weapons capability for US Navy MH-60     ( US Navy )
  • 26-Mar-14 - Australia MH-60R with MHSCo ground facilities     ( Fleet Air Arm (RAN) )
  • 11-Mar-14 - NC Army National Guard Black Hawk rescue climber     ( US Army Aviation )
  • 05-Mar-14 - UH-60L/M simulator for Mexican Federal Police     ( Policia Federal de Mexico )
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    Derivatives and Versions of this model:

        JUH-60A     At least 7 airframes converted for evaluation and several testing purposes. Another 20 or more as GUH-60A for ground instruction
        UH-60A Blackhawk     1977 First generation Blackhawk for the US Army
        EH-60A QuickFix     1981 US Army UH-60A modified for electronic warfare (EW) intended to locate, classify and disrupt enemy signals traffic
        MH-60G Pave Hawk     1982 Special operations variant for the US Air Force. Redesignated HH-60G
        SH-60B Seahawk     1983 The Sikorsky S-70B-1 is the US Navy LAMPS (Light Airbone Multipurpose System) Mk3 platform and is deployed aboard frigates, destroyers, and cruis ...
        S-70B     1984 The B is the Civilian/military foreign export version for naval duties based on the Seahawk
        S-70C     1986 ccommercial SAR version
        HH-60G Pave Hawk     1987
        mitsubishi S-70     1987
        S-70A-14     1987 export version for Brunei
        S-70A-9 Blackhawk     1987 Export version for Australia, assembled by Hawker de Havilland. First 8 delivered to the RAAF (then transferred to the Army) with remainder deliv ...
        S-70B-2 Seahawk     1987 SH-60B export variant for Royal Australian Navy assembled by ASTA in Australia
        SH-60F Oceanhawk     1987 The Sikorsky S-70B-4 is the carrier-borne anti-submarine warfare (ASW) variant of the Seahawk equipped with a dipping sonar developed for the US ...
        HH-60H Rescue Hawk     1988 The Sikorsky S-70B-5 was developed in conjunction with the US Coast Guard HH-60J. Rescue Hawk main roles are combat search and rescue (CSAR), na ...
        MH-60L Blackhawk     1988 US Army special operations variant of the UH-60L produced as an interim version pending fielding of the ad-hoc MH-60K. Not all of the MH-60L hav ...
        S-70A-17 Yarasa     1988 export variant for Turkish security forces
        S-70A-19 Blackhawk     1988 A single aircraft known as Westland WS-70L
        S-70B-1 Seahawk     1988 SH-60B variant for Spanish Navy designated HS.23
        UH-60L Blackhawk     1989 Second generation Blackhawk for the US Army
        VH-60N Whitehawk     1989 Flown by USMC HMX-1 and supports the executive transport mission for the president of the United States. The Marines ordered nine of the $10.6-mi ...
        westland WS-70 Blackhawk     1989 Just one WS.70 (registration ZG468) was used by Westland for sales promotion in Europe. It was sold to Bahrain in 1996.
        S-70A-1 Desert Hawk     1990 export version for the Royal Saudi Army. The S-70A-1L is the medevac variant
        S-70A-21 Blackhawk     1990 export version for Egypt
        S-70A-24 Blackhawk     1990 export version for Mexico
        UH-60P     1990 export version for South Korea based on UH-60L but with some improvements. Around 150 were assembled domestically by Korean Air with first 19 fro ...
        S-70A-27 Blackhawk     1991 export SAR version for the Hong Kong Government Flying Service
        HH-60J Jayhawk     1992 Sikorsky S-70B-5 / HH-60J for the United States Coast Guard. 42 delivered from 1990. Some modified to MH-60J. Now all being modified to MH-60 ...
    The HH-60J is a member of the Sikorsky S-70 family and is based on the US Navy SH-60 Seahawk. It was chosen to replace the HH-3F Pelican and is ...
        MH-60K Blackhawk     1992 US Army special operations variant powered by uprated T700-GE-701C engines and inflight refueling probe. Specially designed for long-range low-le ...
        S-70A-26 Blackhawk     1992 export variant for Morocco
        S-70A-28 Yarasa     1993 export variant for Turkish security forces
        S-70A-30 Blackhawk     1993 export VIP version for Argentine Air Force
        S-70B-6 Aegean Hawk     1994 export variant for the Greek navy
        S-70A-34 Blackhawk     1997
        S-70A-36 Blackhawk     1997 export version for the Brazilian Army
        S-70B-7 Seahawk     1997 export version for the Royal Thai Navy
        s-92 Helibus     1997 The S-92 is a twin-engine medium-lift helicopter for the civil and military helicopter market developed from the S-70 Black Hawk. The mockup w ...
        S-70A-39 Blackhawk     1998 export VIP version for Fuerza Aerea de Chile
        S-70A-50 Blackhawk     1998 Export version for Israel, Peace Hawk program
        S-70A Firehawk     1999 Firefighting variant equipped with a 1,000-gallon tank to carry water and fire suppressant. The Oregon Army National Guard was the launching cust ...
        S-70A-32     1999
        S-70A-33     1999
        AH-60L     2000 export version for Colombia as COIN attack aircraft equipped with improved electronics and firing system. Developed by Elbit and designated Arpia
        S-70A-41 Blackhawk     2001 export version for Colombian Army
        S-70A-55 Blackhawk     2001 export version for Israel named Yanshuf
        S-70B-28 Seahawk     2001 SH-60B export variant for Turkish Navy
        MH-60S Seahawk     2002 Used by the US Navy as a multi role helicopter undertaking roles of anti-surface warfare, vertical replenishment, combat search and rescue (CSAR) ...
    The MH-60S was originally to be known as the CH-60S Knighthawk and replaced the UH-46 Sea Knight in the logistic role, the land-based UH-3H Sea K ...
        S-70A-42 Blackhawk     2002 export version for Austria
        S-70A-43 Blackhawk     2002 export version for Royal Thai Army
        UH-60M Blackhawk     2003 Third generation Blackhawk for the US Army, entered full-rate production in June 2007 and saw their first combat deployment during 2009 in Afgha ...
        MH-60R Seahawk     2005 The MH-60R is the newest US Navy Seahawk replacing both the SH-60B and SH-60F as their primary antisubmarine helicopter in the also new HSM squad ...
        HH-60M Blackhawk     2007 US Army medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) version of the UH-60M Black Hawk featuring full medical evacuation mission equipment and an external rescue ...
        MH-60T Jayhawk     2007 USCG modification of their Sikorsky model S-70B-5 / HH-60J. 41 surviving Jayhawks are being modified to MH-60T standard under Deepwater program ...
    The MH-60T Jayhawk features a Common Avionics Architecture System (CAAS) glass cockpit, comprised of five multi-function displays that present a ...
        S-70i Blackhawk     2010 The S-70i is being produced for the international market at Sikorsky s PZL Mielec facility in Poland
        MH-60M Blackhawk     2011 US Army special operations variant of the UH-60M. First two aircraft delivered to the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (160 SOAR) at Fo ...

    Organisations with this Model:

    From Organisation with model s-70 H-60
    usa US Army Aviation
    usa US Air Force
        112 1982/now
    usa US Navy
    taiwan Taiwan Air Force
        S-70C 18 1986/now
    australia Royal Australian Air Force
        S-70A-9 Blackhawk 8 1988/89
    colombia Fuerza Aerea Colombiana
        28 1988/now
    turkey Türk Jandarma Teskilati
        24 1988/now
    australia Fleet Air Arm (RAN)
        S-70B-2 Seahawk 16 1989/now
    australia Australian Army Aviation
        S-70A-9 Blackhawk 39 1989/now
    spain arma aerea de la armada española
        S-70B-1 Seahawk 12 1989/now
    usa US Marine Corps
        VH-60N Whitehawk 9 1989/now
    bahrain Royal Bahraini Air Force
        UH-60A Blackhawk 1 1990/now
    south korea Daehanminguk Yuk-gun
        UH-60P 140 1990/now
    taiwan Taiwan Navy
        S-70C 21 1990/now
    usa US Coast Guard
        45 1990/now
    turkey Polis Havacilik Daire Baskanligi
        S-70A-17 Yarasa 6 1991/now
    hong kong royal hong kong auxilliary air force
        S-70A-27 Blackhawk 2 1992/93
    south korea Daehanminguk Haegun
        UH-60P 10 1992/now
    hong kong government flying service
        3 1993/02
    israel Heil Ha'Avir
        49 1993/now
    argentina Fuerza Aerea Argentina
        1 1994/now
    greece Elliniko Polemiko Nautiko
        11 1994/now
    mexico fuerza aerea mexicana
        6 1994/now
    bahrain Royal Bahraini Air Force
        UH-60L Blackhawk 1 1995/now
    brazil Comando de Aviação do Exército
        4 1996/now
    colombia Brigada de Aviacion del Ejercito Colombiano
    malaysia Tentara Udara Diraja Malaysia
        S-70A-34 Blackhawk 2 1997/now
    thailand Royal Thai Navy
        10 1997/now
    brunei darussalam angkatan tentara udara diraja brunei
        S-70A-32 1999/now
    colombia Policia Nacional de Colombia
        8 1999/now
    usa State of California
        S-70A Firehawk 2001/now
    austria Österreichische Luftstreitkräfte
        S-70A-42 Blackhawk 9 2002/now
    thailand Royal Thai Army
    turkey türk deniz kuvvetleri
        S-70B-28 Seahawk 16 2002/now
    usa BHH Leasing Llc.
        3 2004/now
    brazil Força Aérea Brasileira
        UH-60L Blackhawk 16 2007/now
    bahrain Royal Bahraini Air Force
        UH-60M Blackhawk 2009/now
    singapore Republic of Singapore Air Force
        S-70B 6 2009/now
    usa Federal Bureau of Investigation
        UH-60M Blackhawk 2009/now
    poland PZL Mielec
        S-70i Blackhawk 2010/now
    mexico armada de mexico
        UH-60M Blackhawk 2011/now
    mexico Gobierno de Mexico
        S-70i Blackhawk 2011/now
    saudi arabia ministry of interior
        S-70i Blackhawk 3 2011/now
    sweden Försvarsmakten
        UH-60M Blackhawk 2011/now
    brazil Força Aeronaval da Marinha do Brasil
        S-70B 2012/now
    australia Fleet Air Arm (RAN)
        MH-60R Seahawk 2013/now
    brunei darussalam angkatan tentara udara diraja brunei
        S-70i Blackhawk 2013/now
    colombia Brigada de Aviacion del Ejercito Colombiano
        S-70i Blackhawk 2013/now
    taiwan Taiwan Army
        UH-60M Blackhawk 2013/now
    denmark Flyvevåbnet
        MH-60R Seahawk 2016

    egypt egyptian air force
    jordan al quwwat al-jawwiya al-malakiya al-urduniya
    mexico Policia Federal de Mexico
    usa US Department of Homeland Security

    Construction Numbers on database of s-70 H-60 or its versions


    1571 C/N on database.

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