spain UHEL Madrid

Guardia Civil

Spanish Military Police

1972 to present    

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2005/    ec135

Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
0191 EC135P2 HU.26-01: Guardia Civil 09-301; 30sep11 pictured at Festa al Cel 2011, Barcelona
Eurocopter USA N476AE: American Eurocopter, to D-HECV
Eurocopter Germany D-HECV: Eurocopter Germany, to G-79-06
Eurocopter UK G-79-06: Eurocopter UK; EC-IKV ntu
0888 ec135p2+ 2010 HU.26-02: Guardia Civil 09-302, test serial Albacete EC-091
HU.26-02: 24jul14 near Alicante
0876 ec135p2+ 2010 HU.26-03: Guardia Civil 09-308, test serial Albacete EC-090, EC-039
HU.26-03: 18aug11 pictured as 09-308 at Boltaña, Huesca
0402 EC135P2 HU.26-04: Guardia Civil 09-302; Albacete test serial EC-066; 08oct10 pictured with +
0358 EC135P2 HU.26-05: Guardia Civil 09-303, Albacete test serial EC-067
HU.26-05: 2010 it serves in Huesca, probably working in mountain search and rescue
0366 EC135P2 HU.26-06: Guardia Civil 09-304, Albacete test serial EC-068
HU.26-06: 03nov16 pictured in Fenix16 with UME
0547 ec135p2+ HU.26-08: Guardia Civil 09-305, Albacete test serial EC-033, Germany test serial D-H+
0588 ec135p2+ HU.26-09: Guardia Civil 09-306
0636 ec135p2+ 2008 HU.26-13: Guardia Civil 09-307, Albacete test serial EC-030, Germany test serial D-H+
0725 ec135p2+ 2008 HU.26-14: Guardia Civil NTU, Albacete test serial EC-030, EC-033; directly to Croa+
Croatian Police 9A-HBB: Croatian Police
0689 ec135p2+ HU.26-15: Guardia Civil 09-309. Test serial EC-032
Croatian Police 9A-HBA: Croatian Police d/d Oct13, ex Spain Guardia Civil
0923 ec135p2+ HU.26-16: Guardia Civil 09-310, test serial Albacete EC-030
0960 ec135p2+ HU.26-17: Guardia Civil 09-311, test serial Albacete EC-038
1007 ec135p2+ HU.26-18: Guardia Civil 09-312, test serial Albacete EC-036
1031 ec135p2+ HU.26-19: Guardia Civil 09-313, test serial Albacete EC-031, Germany D-HECZ
15 C/N found in this Organisation.


03-nov-1603-nov-16 Fenix 16

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