argentina Agrupacion Aerea Presidencial

Fuerza Aerea Argentina

AAP : Presidential fleet
Argentine Air Force

1970 to present    

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1970/nowMariano MorenoSADJ
1970/nowAeroparque Jorge NewberySABE

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1994/nows-70 H-60
1980/90s-61 H-3
1975/80s-58 H-34

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
61-763 S-61R 1975 BSH-72: FAA new built d/d 1975; BSH-72 as SAR helo; Final career briefly as VIP H-+
70-2031 s-70a-30 H-01: VIP for Agrupacion Aerea Presidencial d/d 1993
H-01: 27feb12 video at Rosario
H-01: 20jun14 pictured at Rosario airport
58-1464 hus-1 1962 H-01: FAA d/d 1975 S-58DT type as presidential aircraft, ex N-6303; 1976 tail fa+
US Marine Corps 149361: USMC Sikorsky HUS-1 / UH-34J; to N6303
Carson Helicopters N6303: Carson Helicopters, Perhaskie, PA; conv S-58DT, then S-58ET
Helicopteros Marinos LV-OCN: Helicopteros Marinos, ex Argentine Air Force; 1977 sold Court Helicopters/Helicopteros Marinos S.A.;...
Construction Helicopters Inc N901CH: Construction Helicopter from May85
- N942BW: Ballard Aviation at Newton, KS from May12
- N901CH: 05apr12 I believe I have been seeing this flying in and around the Charleston, WV area this week
- N942BW: 2014 S-58HT type and in Sydney Australia
- N942BW: Trans Heli, South Korea, departed Sydney Nov15; Will be on fire contracts and construction missions
58-740 h-34g.i 1957 H-02: FAA d/d 1975 S-58DT type as presidential aircraft; ex N-7320; 1976 evacua+
German Army Aviation 80+06: Sikorsky H-34G.I, c/n 58-740, ff?; del W.Germany as H-34G.I, PB+202, 10Dec57; recoded QB+462, unk; r...
Carson Helicopters N7320: xfer Carson Helicopters, Perhaskie, PA as N7320, unk; conv S-58ET, unk;
Construction Helicopters Inc N902CH: Construction Helicopter from 14may85, [not to be confused with 58-1539]; xfer Aris Helicopter, Jun89...
State of California N392JK: xfer LA County Sheriff as N392JK, 23Jan91; xfer Longranger III, 01Aug00.
Helicopteros Marinos LV-OCM: Helicopteros Marinos dd 1980; ex FAA H-02; apr/jun1982 briefly seized by FAA during Falklands/Malvin...
- N589S: xfer McMahon Helicopter as N589S, unk; xfer Solley Construction, 29Apr02; xfer 5 State Helicopter as...
76-0337 s-76b 1987 H-02: VIP for Agrupacion Aerea Presidencial from Jan96; named Virgen de Loreto
H-02: 20dec01 19:52 hs pictured (pic1) carrying president Fernando De La Rua e+
H-02: 20jun10 pictured (pic2) at Rosario
H-02: Nov14 still
- N984: USA 1988-1995, test serial N7265B
76-0361 s-76b 1990 H-03: VIP for Agrupacion Aerea Presidencial d/d 2007; ex N7620S; Sep09 pictured +
H-03: 15jul13 pictured (bot) and video at Rosario
- N7620S: 2001-2009, ex N547E; 2007 to Argentina; Jun09 canc
61-466 S-61N 1969 H-71: FAA d/d sep74. ex N82772. wfu 1980. sold as LV-OCL then ZS-HRU. Further re+
Helicopteros Marinos LV-OCL: HM ex FAA; 1982 Falklands/Malvinas War as SAR; 1986 pictured at Buenos Aires
court helicopters ZS-HRU: Court d/d 03feb87: ex LV-OCL; w/o 17sep92 off Cape Town
court helicopters ZS-HRU: Wrecked while landing on a ship during adverse weather. Slid on deck and rotor hit a mast and was su...
Carson Helicopters N82772: Carson; 09Jul73 damaged at sea; canc 28aug74; to Argentine Air Force as H-71
7 C/N found in this Organisation.

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