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  • Bolkow Helicopters

    Ludwig Bölkow founded his company in 1948 and in 1955 with Emil Weiland formed Bölkow Entwicklungen KG. In 1968 merged into the Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm, MBB Group.

    Bolkow 102

    A ground-based trainer helicoper. Was mounted on a swivelling captive rig allowing pilots to practice in a safety manner.

    18 built with many preserved in different museums.

    The single-bladed fibre-glass main rotor, among other components, were used in the next design, the Bo103

    Bolkow Bo46

    Bolkow 103

    First flow on September 9 1961, the Bo103 used the main rotor of the Bo102.

    Only one built which is preserved at Buckeburg Helicopter Museum

    Bolkow Bo46

    Bolkow 46

    Was an experimental aircraft to test the Derschmidt rotor system in order to explore high speed helicopters.

    First flew on January 30, 1964.

    Three units built with one preserved.

    Bolkow Bo46

    Bolkow 105

    Introducing a revolutionary hingeless rotor system was produced by the new merged MBB

    Bolkow Bo105

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