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  • Boeing Vertol XCH-62



    The US Army Heavy Lift Helicopter or HLH specification was approved in May 1971 for a 22 tonnes payload class helicopter in an attempt to match the top russian models: the Mi-26 and the much bigger Mi-12. Boeing proposal wins over the Sikorsky S-73 which was not built. The XCH-62 prototype was in an advanced state of assembly, with a expected initial flight in 1975, when the program was cancelled in October 1974. The only aircraft built (Serial number 73-22012) was put into storage at the US Army Aviation Museum at Fort Rucker Alabama until scrapped in 2005. Some parts were sent to the british Helicopter Museum at Weston-super-Mare. In 1983, NASA and DARPA ( Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency ) plans were initiated to resume the test programme but was cancelled again.

    Engines: 3 x Allison T701 turboshaft of 5945kW
    Gross weight: 60 Ton
    Length: 27 m
    Height: 10 m
    Rotor diameter: 28 m
    Rotor Area: 1200 m2

    XCH-62 The XCH-62 (background) is shown in comparison with a
    CH-47A Chinook in this 1975 photograph

    The following photos are from Frank White's Collection


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