Bell UH-1N

This model is a version of 212

c/n 31456

Year 1979

Helicopter Bell UH-1N Serial 31456 Register 160838 N8529Q used by US Marine Corps US Department of State. Built 1979. Aircraft history


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usa 160838
US Marine Corps
Bell HH-1N
USMC. SOC 02nov04, parked at AMARC 7H0246 type:HH-1N. in 2007 toward N8529Q
usa 160838
US Marine Corps
UK HMNB Portsmouth USS Nassau ( 01-oct-82 )
Ships Flt, noted aboard USS Nassau at HMNB Portsmouth between 1-6 Oct 1982
usa N8529Q
US Department of State
INL/A from 2007 type:HH-1N ex 160838

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