AgustaWestland AW139

C/N 31145

Built 2008

Helicopter AgustaWestland AW139 Serial 31145 Register 279 used by Aer Chór na hÉireann (Irish Air Corps). Built 2008. Aircraft history and location

Helicopter AgustaWestland AW139 Serial 31145 Register 279 used by Aer Chór na hÉireann (Irish Air Corps). Built 2008. Aircraft history and location
By Dave Taskis

Helicopter AgustaWestland AW139 Serial 31145 Register 279 used by Aer Chór na hÉireann (Irish Air Corps). Built 2008. Aircraft history and location

Aircraft History

For 279 see also
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        as532m1 2385
        MD530F 0279FF
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        as350b 1635


ireland Aer Chór na hÉireann

Final AW139 for the Irish Air Corps, due for deliver in October 2008
2009-06-05 A EGWU - Northolt, England UK
2010-09-16 B EGPF - Glasgow, Scotland UK
2011-04-28 C EIME - Baldonnel, Leinster
2011-05-20 D EICK - Cork, Munster
2012-01-11 D EICK - Cork, Munster
2012-04 A EGWU07jun09 at RAF Northolt, UK

2012-04-01 A EGWU - Northolt, England UK
2018-11-20 AW279 Cork, Munster
2019-01-11 AC112 Abbeyshrule, Leinster
2019-02-04 IRL279 Leeds/Bradford, England UK
2019-02-11 Baldonnel, Leinster
2019-03-15 AW279 Abbeyshrule, Leinster
2019-04-15 AC112 Abbeyshrule, Leinster
2019-05-28 AW279 Dublin, Leinster
2019-06-05 AC112 Mallow, Munster
2019-06-07 AC112 Enniskillen, Northern Ireland UK
2019-06-27 IRL279 Wroughton, England UK
Wingene, West-Vlaanderen BE
2019-08-27 IRL279 Sint Truiden, Limburg BE
2019-08-29 IRL279 Lydd, England UK
IRL279 Bath, England UK
IRL279 Wicklow, Leinster
2019-09-22 Galway, Connacht
2019-10-22 AW279 Abbeyshrule, Leinster
2019-11-21 AW279 Baldonnel, Leinster
2019-12-31 AW279 Baldonnel, Leinster
2020-01-03 AC112 Currane, Connacht
AC112 Dublin, Leinster
2020-02-03 Roscrea, Leinster
2020-03-04 AC112 Abbeyshrule, Leinster
2020-04-04 AC112 Abbeyshrule, Leinster
2020-05-05 AW279 Baldonnel, Leinster
2020-06-04 AW279 Baldonnel, Leinster
2020-06-17 Cork, Munster
Baldonnel, Leinster
2020-06-22 IRL279 Millom, England UK
2020-06-23 IRL279 Dublin, Leinster
2020-06-25 IRL279 Carmarthen, Wales UK
IRL279 Farnborough, England UK
IRL279 Liège, Liège BE
2020-11-09 Liège, Liège BE
2020-12-08 Oostdijckbank, Offshore Belgium BE
IRL279 Chichester, England UK
2020-12-10 IRL279 Bray, Leinster
2021-01-05 AW279 Shannon, Munster
AW279 Dublin, Leinster
2021-02-04 Baldonnel, Leinster
2021-03-01 AC112 , Connacht
2021-03-05 Dublin, Leinster
2021-03-12 AC112 Clifden, Connacht
2021-03-15 AC112 Dublin, Leinster
2021-04-09 AC112 Castlebar, Connacht
2021-04-11 AC112 Dublin, Leinster
2021-04-14 WOLF Cork, Munster
2021-04-16 AW279 Baldonnel, Leinster
2021-04-21 Castlebar, Connacht
2021-04-24 AC112 Dublin, Leinster
2021-04-26 AW279 Abbeyfeale, Munster
2021-04-27 AW279 Baldonnel, Leinster
2021-05-19 AW279 Cork, Munster
2021-05-20 AW279 Baldonnel, Leinster
2021-06-06 Cork, Munster
2021-06-07 AC112 Ballaghaderreen, Connacht
2021-07-08 AW279 Baldonnel, Leinster
2021-08-03 AC112 , Connacht
AC112 Cork, Munster
2021-08-04 AC112 Abbeyshrule, Leinster
2021-08-28 AC112 Farranfore, Munster
2021-08-29 AC112 Abbeyshrule, Leinster
2021-09-17 IRL279 Port St Mary, Isle of Man IM
IRL279 Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England UK
IRL279 Douglas, Isle of Man IM
2021-09-19 AC112 Athlone, Leinster
2021-10-19 AW279 Baldonnel, Leinster
2021-11-17 IRL279 Merthyr Tydfil, Wales UK
IRL279 Dover, England UK
2022-09-05 AGUSTA70 Liège, Liège BE
2022-09-14 IRL279 Dunkerque, Hauts-de-France FR
IRL279 Odiham, England UK
IRL279 Brecon, Wales UK
IRL279 Dun Laoghaire, Leinster
2022-10-18 AW279 Dublin, Leinster
2022-12-05 Baldonnel, Leinster
2023-01-05 AW279 Baldonnel, Leinster
2023-02-14 Baldonnel, Leinster
2023-02-15 AW279 Westport, Connacht
AW279 Baldonnel, Leinster
2023-03-21 AW279 Baldonnel, Leinster
2023-04-19 AW279 Abbeyfeale, Munster
2023-04-20 WOLF Bray, Leinster
2023-05-26 AW279 Blessington, Leinster
2023-06-03 AC112 Derroe, Connacht
2023-06-15 AC112 Baldonnel, Leinster
2023-06-20 AC112 Castlebar, Connacht
2023-06-22 AC112 Newbridge, Leinster
AC112 Currane, Connacht
2023-06-24 AC112 Kilcock, Leinster
2023-07-24 AW279 Baldonnel, Leinster
2023-08-24 AC112 Kilcock, Leinster
2023-08-25 AC112 Cork, Munster
2023-08-26 Ballaghaderreen, Connacht
2023-09-05 AW279 Baldonnel, Leinster

Call sign for this aircraft: AC112 AGUSTA70 AW279 AW279 IRL279 WOLF

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