Boeing-Vertol YHC-1A

c/n 413-2

Year 1959

Helicopter Boeing-Vertol YHC-1A Serial 413-2 Register 58-5515 N55927 used by US Army Aviation NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Boeing Helicopters Mc Allister Engineering Enterprises. Built 1959. Aircraft history


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usa 58-5515
US Army Aviation
Boeing-Vertol CH-46C
Vertol YHC-1A, c/n 413-2, ff: 1959
del USArmy as YHC-1A, 58-5515, unk
assigned to US Army Aviation Test Activity (USAATA), Edwards AFB, unk
redesig CH-46C, Oct62.
usa 58-5515
used by NASA Dryden Flight Research Center as Parasev tow a/c, 1962-63.
usa N55927
Boeing Helicopters
Rtnd to Boeing-Vertol, unk
lsd M.I.T. for R&D, reg N55927, unk
403 total flight hours.
usa N55927
Mc Allister Engineering Enterprises
wfu & sold to Mc Allister Engineering Enterprises, Kent, WA, as N55927, 29Oct89
currently stored in hangar near SEA-TAC airport, Kent WA.

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