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  • Airbus Helicopters EC135P2+

    This model is a version of ec135

    c/n 1160

    Year 2014

    Helicopter Airbus Helicopters EC135P2+ Serial 1160 Register TC-HGG D-HECH used by Türk Hava Kurumu THK (Turkish Aeronautical Association) ,Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbH (Airbus Helicopters Germany). Built 2014. Aircraft history and location


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    For D-HECH see also:
            EC635P2+ c/n 0820
        2000 ec135t1 c/n 0076
        2007 ec135t2+ c/n 0549


    germany Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbH

    2014AEDPRAirbus Helicopters to TC-HGF


    turkey Türk Hava Kurumu

    2014-04THK Gökçen Aviation from Apr14
    2020-05-12 H Ankara, Ankara
    2020-06-04 Antalya, Antalya
    2020-06-08 H Yalova, Yalova
    2020-07-21 H Antalya, Antalya
    2020-08-07 Ankara, Ankara
    H Antalya, Antalya
    2020-08-27 Ankara, Ankara
    Antalya, Antalya
    2020-09-18 H Marmaris, Mugla
    2020-09-26 H Antalya, Antalya
    2020-10-28 H Antalya, Antalya
    2020-12-01 H Antalya, Antalya
    2020-12-05 H Antalya, Antalya

    Call sign for this aircraft: H

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