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Beijing 999, China’s EC135P2+ EMS Launch Customer, 17-Oct-16 : Beijing 999 first ambulance service in China with the EC135P2+

DRF Luftrettung Leases 2 H135P2 from Waypoint, 03-Mar-16 : Heli-Expo 2016 Waypoint Leasing (Ireland) announced agreement with DRF Luftrettung for the purchase and leaseback of two Airbus H135P2 / EC135P2+ helicopters. Marks Waypoint’s entry into German EMS Market

Airbus Helicopters at China Helicopter Expo 2015, 08-Sep-15 : China Helicopter Exposition 2015 Airbus Helicopters H130, H135 and H155 to be showcased at the China Helicopter Exposition 2015 (CHE 2015), Tianjin, Sept. 9-13

EC135 Fully Equipped Air Ambulance to China, 09-Oct-14 : Donauwörth, Germany – A new era in Chinese air ambulance operations began today with Airbus Helicopters’ delivery of a twin-engine EC135 as the first rotorcraft outfitted for dedicated helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS) missions in the country.

Beijing 999 Emergency Rescue orders EC135, 31-Mar-14 : Beijing, China - The 999 Emergency Rescue Center (999 Center), a subsidiary of the Beijing Red Cross Foundation, signed a contract with Airbus Helicopters China today for the purchase of one Airbus Helicopters EC135 P2e, with an option for another similar unit.

List of Operators of Airbus Helicopters EC135P2+

From Organisation with model EC135P2+
china Beijing 999
germany Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbH
    ec135 2014/   
japan Hirata Gakuen
    ec135 2015/   
usa State of California
    ec135 2015/   
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1148 2014 US N148MT : Airbus Helicopters Apr14, test serials D-HECT, D-HECV
US N316RX : Suntrust Equipment Finance & Leasing Corp from Nov14; R+
1149 2014 JP JA81DH : Nakanihon Air Service from Jul14, test serial D-HECW
1153 2014 US N253MT : Airbus Helicopters Apr14, test serial D-HCBG
US N253MT : Cole Taylor Equipment Finance Llc at Towson, MD from De+
US N253MT : Ochsner Flight Care 2015, op by Med Trans
1156 2014 TR TC-HGC : THK Gökçen Aviation from Apr14
1157 2014 DE D-HECK : Airbus Helicopters to TC-HGD
TR TC-HGD : THK Gökçen Aviation from Apr14
1158 2014 TR TC-HGE : THK Gökçen Aviation
1159 2014 DE D-HECG : Airbus Helicopters to TC-HGF
TR TC-HGF : THK Gökçen Aviation from Apr14
1160 2014 DE D-HECH : Airbus Helicopters to TC-HGF
TR TC-HGG : THK Gökçen Aviation from Apr14
1164 2014 CN B-7168 : Beijing 999 Emergency Rescue Centre, test serial D-HECO
1165 2014 CN B-7169 : China 999 Center Ambulance from Oct14
CN B-7169 : Beijing 999 Emergency Rescue Centre; Sep15 at China Hel+
1167 2014 US N105AH : Airbus Helicopters Aug15
US N166MT : Med-Trans Corp from Jan16
US N166MT : Johns Hopkins Lifeline at Baltimore, MD, op by Med-Tran+
1168 2014 NO LN-OOV : Norsk Luftambulanse, from Jul14, test serial D-HCBU; t+
DK LN-OOV : Nordic Air Ambulance AS from Jul14
1169 2014 NO LN-OOW : Norsk Luftambulanse, from Jul14, test serial D-HCBV; to+
DK LN-OOW : Nordic Air Ambulance AS from Jul14
1170 2014 NO LN-OOZ : Norsk Luftambulanse from Jul14, test serial D-HCBW; to +
DK LN-OOZ : 10jan15 11:30-12:00am UTC flight from Folmentoftvej (n+
1175 CD 9Q-CXS : Congo, test serial D-HCBG
1177 ES EC-MDY : Policia, test serial EC-030
1180 2015 JP JA833H : Hirata Gakuen from May15
1183 2015 DE D-HCBK : Airbus Helicopters to D-HPNE
DE D-HPNE : Polizei Niedersachsen, test serial D-HCBK
30oct15 Polizei Niedersachsen at homebase
1184 ES EC-MGL : Policia, Albacete test serial EC-034, test serial D-HE+
1185 ES EC-MGM : Policia, test serial EC-035
1187 JP JA836H : Hirata Gakuen from Aug15
1191 2015 DE D-HCBF : Airbus Helicopters to D-HPNF
DE D-HPNF : Polizei Niedersachsen, test serial D-HCBF
30oct15 Polizei Niedersachsen at homebase
1193 ID PK-LRK : Lion Group Indonesia, test serial D-HCBD
1199 2015 US N159MT : Airbus Helicopters from Nov15
US N159MT : Med Trans from Apr16
US N159MT : St. Mary s FlightCare from Jul16, op by Med-Trans; 20ju+
1200 2015 DE D-HDDL : DL Helicopter at Nordholz from Nov15, test serial D-HE+
DE D-HDDL : German Navy, op by DL Helicopter; 09jul16 asg MFG5 pict+
12apr17 pictured (pic2) at Beauvechain, Belgium during +
1203 2015 US N318RX : Airbus from Jan16, test serial D-HECU
US N318RX : Reach Air Medical from Jul16
1215 2016 US N325AH : Airbus from Jun16, test serial D-HECH
US N321RX : Reach Air Medical
1253 2017 US N556MT : Airbus Helicopters Jun17
US N556MT : Med Trans from Oct17
US N556MT : Novant Health, op by Med-Trans; Med-Flight
28 C/N.

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