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    Norway News

    15-Mar-23 - Norway Wants Seahawks to Replace NH90 #Seahawks
    14-Mar-23 - Two More H145D3 for Norwegian Air Ambulance #Norway
    09-Mar-23 - EpiGuard Isolation Stretcher Approved in Australia #Australia
    08-Mar-23 - Heli-One Approved for H215 RNP Modification #H215
    08-Mar-23 - Medical eVTOL CityAirbus NextGen Development in Norway #CityAirbus
    04-Mar-23 - Helitrans Buys Iceland Helicopter Service #Iceland
    03-Mar-23 - CHC Norway Super Pumas with Lifeseeker Locator #Svalbard
    17-Feb-23 - Bristow Leasing SAR AW189s and S-92s from Milestone #leasing
    26-Jan-23 - Heli-One Supports Norwegian AW101 SAR Queen
    20-Oct-22 - AW101 High-Altitude Trials in USA #HighAltitude
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