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    Norwegian Coast Guard


    In its present form, the Kystvakt (Norwegian Coast Guard) was formed in 1977 to protect fisheries and offshore resources, monitor the maritime environment and the provide support to other government departments and to the civil authorities within Norwegian waters.  In addition to the Coast Guard vessels themselves, aviation resources owned by the Kystvakt but operated by the Luftforsvaret are used. Helicopters (operating from Nordkapp Class cutters), P-3 Orion maritime patrol aircraft and when needed, leased observation aircraft cover all waters under Norwegian jurisdiction.
    The Kystvakt has 3 Nordkapp Class cutters, which operate 3 week long tours of duty on rotation, each displacing around 3200 tonnes: KV Nordkapp (W320), KV Senja (W321) and KV Andenæs (W322). An ice-strengthened ocean patrol ship KV Svalbard is also available for helicopter operations.
    Ships uses prefix KV, ( NoCGV in english ).

    The Lynx was intended to be replaced by the NH90 but the program was cancelled after 10-year delay.


    Camcopter Drone Tested by Norwegian Coast Guard, 07-Oct-19 : #drones Schiebel demonstrated the shipboard integration for search and rescue and surveillance missions of its Camcopter S-100 drone on board the Norwegian Coast Guard’ KV Svalbard and in cooperation with a Sea King helicopter

    Norway Coast Guard with Camcopter Drone, 02-May-19 : #Arctic2030 Norway’s Andøya Test Center will start using Schiebel’s S-100 Camcopter Unmanned Air System (UAS) from Coast Guard ships in Andfjorden, Northern Norway to increase maritime safety as part of the Arctic 2030 project

    Heli-One Completes AS332L1 SAR Reconfiguration, 04-Oct-17 : Helitech 2017 Heli-One Norway, CHC MRO provider, completed an AS332L1 Super Puma search-and-rescue (SAR) reconfiguration for Helicokter Service contracted by the Norwegian government

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    Model Types

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      Schiebel Camcopter S-10020192019
      Westland Lynx mk86 619822014

    List of Aircraft

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    Lynx mk86 207 1980207 : Norway Coast Guard KYSTVAKT d/d 1981, Westland test serial G-BIFX
    : 337 Sk, visited Prestwick on 30 Jun 1999, en route to RAF Shawbur ...
    : 337 Sk, visited RAF Shawbury on 1 Jul 1999
    : World wide Lynx fleet leader: 9.200 flight hours approx; 09dec14 ...
    : 9.160 flight hours not 9.200 flight hours.
    Lynx mk86 216 1980216 : Norway Coast Guard KYSTVAKT, Westland test serial G-BIGW
    : With 337 Skv, Kystvakt at Makmen Air Show
    Lynx mk86 228 1981228 : Norway Coast Guard KYSTVAKT, Westland test serial G-BIZS
    : 08dec14 Last flight; to military school in Kjevik
    Lynx mk86 232 1981232 : Norway Coast KYSTVAKT, Westland test serial G-17-11
    Lynx mk86 235 1981235 : Norway Coast Guard KYSTVAKT, Westland test serial G-17-12; w/o 1 ...
    Lynx mk86 237 1981237 : Norway Coast Guard KYSTVAKT, Westland test serial G-17-13; wfu 15 ...

    6 Construction Numbers in this organisation found