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Part of Bristow Group. Until 2009 known as Norsk Helikopter AS. Main base at Stavanger-Sola (ENZV) airport.


Bristow S-92 Renewal with Statoil for the Barents Sea, 18-Sep-17 : Bristow Norway renewed 5-year deal to provide S-92 helicopter offshore crew change and search and rescue (SAR) services from Hammerfest to support Eni Norge and Statoil in the Barents Sea

Bristow S-92 Commenced Operations from Florø, 02-May-17 : Bristow Norway AS commenced S-92 helicopter operations on three new five-year contracts out of Florø, Norway supporting Statoil, ENGIE E&P and A/S Norske Shell (previously BG Norge Limited)

ConocoPhillips Recognized Bristow Norway, 17-Apr-17 : World’s largest independent exploration & production (E&P) company ConocoPhillips honored eight companies with its 2016 Supplier Recognition Award program.

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Model Types

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  AH H225 / EC225LP 2014
  Sikorsky S-922009
  EC Super Puma/Cougar 20092016

List of Aircraft

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S-92A 92-0174 2012? : Bristow Norway from Nov17; to be confirmed
AS332L1 Super Puma 2384 LN-OBA : Bristow Norway from 2009, based at Hammerfest
S-92A 92-0159 2011LN-OIB : Bristow Norway from Apr17
S-92A 92-0197 2013LN-OIC : Bristow Norway from Apr17
S-92A 92-0282 2015LN-OID : Bristow Norway from May17
AS332L Super Puma 2123 1984LN-OMI : Bristow Norway Mar09-2012
S-92A 92-0144 2011LN-ONA : Bristow Norway from Sep11; 2012 to Ireland Wilmington Trust SP Se ...
S-92A 92-0145 2011LN-ONB : Bristow Norway Sep11; 2012 to Ireland Wilmington Trust SP Servic ...
S-92A 92-0148 2011LN-ONC : Bristow Norway 2012 to Ireland Wilmington Trust SP Services
S-92A 92-0088 2008LN-OND : Bristow Norway from Sep12, ex N920AL
S-92A 92-0213 2013LN-ONE : Bristow Norway from Jan14
EC225LP 2750 LN-ONF : Bristow Norway; Rescue
EC225LP 2755 LN-ONG : Bristow Norway; Rescue
S-92A 92-0094 2008LN-ONH : Bristow Norway from Aug16
: 02jan17 at Aberdeen, Scotland; Was on my box c/s SAR1 sqwk 7067 ...
: 26feb17 from Aberdeen, Scotland as BHLRSC1, Squawk 0023
: 18jan18 Operating SAR missions Aberdeen
: 04mar18 at Aberdeen/Dyce
AS332L2 Super Puma 2500 1999LN-ONI : Bristow Norway Apr09-Jul10
S-92A 92-0114 2009LN-ONI : Bristow Norway from Jan17; 02feb17 at Hammerfest
H225 / EC225LP 2918 2014LN-ONJ : Bristow Norway from Jun14
H225 / EC225LP 2922 2014LN-ONK : Bristow Norway from Jun14; Rescue helicopter for Southern Field A ...
H225 / EC225LP 2924 2014LN-ONL : Bristow Norway Jul14
S-92A 92-0011 2005LN-ONN : Bristow Norway from 2009
S-92A 92-0012 2005LN-ONO : Bristow Norway from 2009
S-92A 92-0025 2005LN-ONP : Bristow Norway from 2009
S-92A 92-0032 2006LN-ONQ : Bristow Norway from 2009
S-92A 92-0033 2006LN-ONR : Bristow Norway from 2009
S-92A 92-0043 2007LN-ONS : Bristow Norway from 2009
: Bristow Norway; 14nov12 pictured (bot) at Aberdeen, Scotland
S-92A 92-0070 2008LN-ONT : Bristow Norway from 2009
S-92A 92-0091 2009LN-ONU : Bristow Norway, test serial N2000Q
S-92A 92-0092 2009LN-ONV : Bristow Norway, test serial N2010H
S-92A 92-0090 2008LN-ONW : Bristow Norway at Sola from Nov10
S-92A 92-0137 2010LN-ONX : Bristow Norway from Dec10

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