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Norsk Luftambulanse
Established 1977 is fully owned by the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation. Developed the pre-hospital care in Norway having operated BO105s, AS365s, EC135s and EC145. From June 2018 will be the national RW HEMS operator of Norway, with seven H135, eight H145 and two AW139s.
As of 2017 is also the sole HEMS operator in Denmark with three EC135s under contract with the Danish Regions.


Norsk Luftambulanse First Civilian with Helionix H135, 04-Sep-17 : Norwegian air ambulance Norsk Luftambulanse is the first civil customer to receive an H135 equipped with Helionix. The remaining 7 EC135T3 ordered will be delivered in 2017 and 2018

Norsk Luftambulanse 40 Years Saving Lives, 06-Jun-16 : The Norwegian Air Ambulance (NLA AS, Norsk Luftambulanse) has provided emergency services for almost 40 years. Nowadays using 14 helicopters of the H135 family in Norway and Denmark and 2 H145

Norsk Luftambulanse Launch Customer for New H135, 06-Oct-15 : Helitech 2015 Norwegian Norsk Luftambulanse AS will be the first operator of the technically improved H135 with first delivery planned for 2017

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Model Types

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  AH H135 / EC135T32017
  AW AW1692016
  AH H145 / EC145T22015
  EC EC1452005
  EC ec135 132001
  MBB bo1051978??

List of Aircraft

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H135 / EC135T3 2008 2017? : Norsk Luftambulanse from Sep17
bo105c 0127 1972D-HDDT : Norsk Luftambulanse d/d May78; to LN-OSH
EC135P1 0125 LN-OOA : Norsk Luftambulanse d/d 18may00, test serial D-HECF
H145 / EC145T2 20021 LN-OOB : Norsk Luft Ambulanse, test serial D-HCBS from May15; Narvik HEMS ...
EC135P1 0165 2000LN-OOB : Norsk Luftambulanse, to D-HECB
EC135P2 0350 2004LN-OOC : Norsk Luftambulanse d/d 29sep04, test serial D-HECH
EC135P2 0356 2004LN-OOD : Norsk Luftambulanse d/d 13dec04, test serial D-HECL
EC135P2 0357 2004LN-OOE : Norsk Luftambulanse d/d 13dec04, test serial D-HECA
EC135P2 0390 2005LN-OOF : Norsk Luftambulanse d/d 29apr05, test serial D-HECH
EC135P2 0393 2005LN-OOG : Norsk Luftambulanse d/d 11may05, test serial D-HECM
EC135P2 0399 2005LN-OOH : Norsk Luftambulanse d/d 24jun05, test serial D-HECG
EC135P2+ 0580 2007LN-OOI : norsk luftambulanse
: w/o 14jan14 hit powerlines near Sollihøgda, Buskerud. 2 fatali ...
EC135P2+ 0586 2007LN-OOJ : Norsk Luftambulanse d/d 08aug07
EC135P2+ 0669 2008LN-OOK : Norsk Luftambulanse d/d 23may08, test serial D-HTSH
: 15aug09 pictured at Trondheim
EC135P2+ 0736 2009LN-OOL : norsk luftambulanse, test serial D-HECC
: Norsk Luftambulanse from 2015
EC145 9074 2005LN-OOM : norsk luftambulanse
EC135P2+ 1033 2011LN-OON : Norsk Kuftambulanse d/d 20jan12, test serial D-HECF
H145 / EC145T2 20160 2017LN-OOO : Norsk Luftambulanse
EC145 9202 LN-OOQ : Norsk Luftambulanse, test serial D-HMBT
H145 / EC145T2 20039 2015LN-OOS : Norsk Luftambulanse, test serial D-HMBB
EC135P2+ 1168 2014LN-OOV : Norsk Luftambulanse, from Jul14, test serial D-HCBU; to Denmark
EC135P2+ 1169 2014LN-OOW : Norsk Luftambulanse, from Jul14, test serial D-HCBV; to Denmark
EC135P2+ 1170 2014LN-OOZ : Norsk Luftambulanse from Jul14, test serial D-HCBW; to Denmark
SA365N1 Dauphin 2 6264 LN-OPM : Norsk Luftambulanse; ex CS-HCG; to EC-JLV
bo105cbs-4 0606 1982LN-OSB : Norsk Luftambulanse, conv CBS-4
bo105cbs-4 0634 1983LN-OSE : 1987 to 2006 norsk luftambulanse
bo105c 0127 1972LN-OSH : Norsk Luftambulanse d/d 1980; ex D-HDDT; w/o 24oct87 at Fokstua, ...
bo105cbs 0609 LN-OSI : Norsk Luftambulanse; ex N29144; conv CBS-4
bo105cbs-2 0550 1981LN-OSQ : Norsk Luftambulanse 1989-1994
bo105cbs 0666 1983LN-OSZ : Norsk Luftambulanse; 1986 conv CBS-4; preserved ?
bo105d 0382 1979LN-OTJ : Norsk Air Ambulance, Oslo; ex D-HDLR; 1996 conv 105DBS-5 reser G- ...

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