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    Heli-Expo 2015

    US Orange County Convention Center    

    HAI HELI-EXPO 2015 held March 3-5 at Orlando, Florida
    Heli-Expo 2015

    Metro Aviation
    Bell Helicopter Booth
    Enstrom Booth
    Airbus Helicopters

    Heli-Expo 2015

    26-Feb-15 - Papillon Golden Helicopter for 50th Anniversary     ( US Papillon Grand Canyon )
    27-Feb-15 - Bell 412EPI Gets FAA Improved Cat A Approval
    27-Feb-15 - Frasca Introduces New Simulator Technology
    01-Mar-15 - Royal Thai Army First Training Course on UH-72A     ( TH Royal Thai Army )
    01-Mar-15 - VIH Aerospace Bell 212 Master Caution Panel
    01-Mar-15 - Aspen Glass Cockpits for MD 369/530F/530FF/520N
    02-Mar-15 - Japan Coast Guard EC225 is 3000th AH Japan     ( JP Kaijō Hoan-chō )
    02-Mar-15 - Lockheed Martin Focus On Improving Pilot Vision
    02-Mar-15 - Mexican Air Force Orders 15 Bell 407GX     ( MX Fuerza Aerea Mexicana )
    02-Mar-15 - FlightSafety Increase its Simulators Fleet by Over 40%
    02-Mar-15 - FlightSafety and Air Methods Level D Simulators
    02-Mar-15 - Qiqihar Kun Feng General Aviation Orders Bell 407GX
    02-Mar-15 - Vector Aerospace AS350 Series 12-Year Inspections     ( UK Vector Aerospace )
    02-Mar-15 - SAS To Be AW169 UK Authorized Service Centre     ( UK Specialist Aviation Services )
    02-Mar-15 - CHC AW139 Fleet Leader Passes 10,000 Flight Hours     ( NL CHC Helicopters Netherlands bv )
    02-Mar-15 - EASA Approves VIHA EC135 Bubble Window
    02-Mar-15 - AgustaWestland My Order E-Commerce Service
    02-Mar-15 - AW189 Certification Validated by FAA     ( US ERA Helicopters )
    02-Mar-15 - EC145T2, EC135 T3/P3 and Bell 429 EMS Interior
    02-Mar-15 - Wysong Completes AS350B3e for Helicopter Express     ( US Helicopter Express Inc )
    02-Mar-15 - Aero Asahi Super Pumas Gets Retrofit From Heli-One
    02-Mar-15 - Garmin Optimizes Charts for Helicopter Operators
    02-Mar-15 - FRASCA to Provide Bell 206L FTD to Air Evac Lifeteam
    03-Mar-15 - AW609 Performance and Product Improvements
    03-Mar-15 - Guidance Aviation First Guimbal Cabri G2     ( US Guidance Aviation )
    03-Mar-15 - Maverick Achieves 300,000 Flight Hours in EC130     ( US Maverick Helicopters )
    03-Mar-15 - AgustaWestland Gearboxes 60+ Min Run Dry Capability     ( IT AgustaWestland Italy )
    03-Mar-15 - AgustaWestland Launches 7 Tonne AW139
    03-Mar-15 - AgustaWestland Initiates Production Phase of AW609     ( US AgustaWestland Philadelphia )
    03-Mar-15 - HeliAir / ASU Gets EC135 EASA STC     ( AT HeliAir )
    03-Mar-15 - BLR Aerospace: 850th FastFin System
    03-Mar-15 - PW206B3 Engine Receives Key EASA Validation
    03-Mar-15 - AgustaWestland and Bristow on AW609 Programme     ( US Bristow US )
    03-Mar-15 - Mitsui Bussan Orders for AW139 in Japan     ( JP Mitsui Bussan Aerospace )
    03-Mar-15 - PHI AW139 Fleet Reaches 25,000 Flight Hours     ( US PHI Inc )
    03-Mar-15 - Sikorsky and Bristow Embark on New SAR Era     ( UK HM Coastguard )
    03-Mar-15 - Era Helicopters Accepts First Baseline S-92     ( US ERA Helicopters )
    03-Mar-15 - Sikorsky Recognizes NHSL Recent S-76D Milestones     ( TT NHSL )
    03-Mar-15 - New S-92 Customer Support Center in the North Sea
    03-Mar-15 - FAA Certifies S-92 Gross Weight Expansion     ( US ERA Helicopters )
    03-Mar-15 - Waypoint Leasing Signed LOI for 20 Bell 525     ( IE Waypoint Leasing )
    03-Mar-15 - Bell Helicopter Introduces the New Bell 407GXP
    03-Mar-15 - Air Methods Signs for 200 Bell 407GXP     ( US Air Methods )
    03-Mar-15 - Sikorsky S-76D International Demonstration Tour​
    03-Mar-15 - EASA Approves Type Certification for S-76D ​
    03-Mar-15 - Vector Aerospace to Offer AS350 BA to B2 Conversions
    03-Mar-15 - Royal Thai Navy S-76B to be Refurbished by Vector     ( TH Royal Thai Navy )
    03-Mar-15 - Hillsboro Aviation Introduces Their New AS350B3e
    03-Mar-15 - Coastal Helicopters Acquires New AS350 B3e     ( US Coastal Helicopters )
    03-Mar-15 - Columbus, Miss. First AS350 AStar Receives Certification     ( US Airbus Helicopters Inc )
    03-Mar-15 - U.S. Helicopters Adds New AStars     ( US US Helicopters Inc )
    03-Mar-15 - Suffolk County NY adds second EC145 to fleet
    03-Mar-15 - Indiana Helicopters Orders an AS350B3e and a AS365N2
    03-Mar-15 - EagleMed AS350 Fleet Reaches 15 Aircraft     ( US EagleMed )
    03-Mar-15 - Dare County MedFlight US Launch Customer of EC145T2
    03-Mar-15 - Florida Volusia County Orders New MD520N
    03-Mar-15 - HNZ Acquired AS350 B2/B3e Level 7 Training Device
    03-Mar-15 - Southern VNHS chooses Ramco Software
    03-Mar-15 - Metro Aviation Completes 75th EC145     ( US Metro Aviation )
    03-Mar-15 - Esterline CMC Electronics Avionics for X4/H160
    03-Mar-15 - Airbus Helicopters Unveils H160
    03-Mar-15 - Metro Aviation Completes First EC145e e-lite     ( US Metro Aviation )
    03-Mar-15 - Metro Aviation EC135 First Flight Refurbishment     ( US Metro Aviation )
    03-Mar-15 - Rockwell Collins Flight Decks for UK SAR Helicopters
    03-Mar-15 - Northwest Helicopters with MRO and Logistics Software
    03-Mar-15 - Vanderbilt Blood Transfusion Affirmed by New Study
    03-Mar-15 - INAER Bell 212 for Ministry of the Environment Firefighting     ( ES INAER )
    03-Mar-15 - City of Philadelphia Welcomes AW609 Manufacturing     ( US AgustaWestland Philadelphia )
    03-Mar-15 - AW169 Cold Weather Trials In Alaska
    04-Mar-15 - Trinidad and Tobago Orders 4 Bell 429 and 1 412EPI
    04-Mar-15 - First Bell 429 with Mecaer Interior     ( IT Mecaer )
    04-Mar-15 - Alaska North Slope Borough Signs for S-92     ( US State of Alaska )
    04-Mar-15 - Sikorsky Awarded $8M for DARPA Phase 1 ALIAS
    04-Mar-15 - Second S-97 Raider Begins Final Assembly
    04-Mar-15 - AAR Orders 2 SAR AW189 for Falkland / Malvinas     ( US AAR Corp )
    04-Mar-15 - MIT Group to Operate Six EMS AW119Kx in China     ( CN Shanghai Zenisun Investment Group )
    04-Mar-15 - EC130T2 Tour for Newest State-of-the-Art Ambulance     ( US Air Methods )
    04-Mar-15 - Bell Helicopter Italy Sold First Bell 407GX in Country
    04-Mar-15 - Vector Aerospace and Helisul Signs M250 MRO Contract
    04-Mar-15 - LCI to Manage New Fleet for SQN Capital Mgmt     ( IE LCI Aviation )
    04-Mar-15 - Life Flight Network Signs for 4 AW119Kx and 5 Trekkers
    04-Mar-15 - Grandnew EMS for Toyama Prefecture Doctor Heli     ( JP Doctor-Heli )
    04-Mar-15 - Tuncang is Official Distributor for the SW-4 in China
    04-Mar-15 - JGSDF Enstrom TH-480B Deliveries Complete     ( JP Japan Ground Self-Defense Force )
    04-Mar-15 - Heliconia Named AW139 Service Centre in Morocco     ( MA Heliconia )
    04-Mar-15 - Mesa Police Department Orders New MD530F
    04-Mar-15 - Rolls-Royce and Alpine Helicopters Renew Agreement
    04-Mar-15 - Cornwall Air Ambulance Flies 25,000th Mission
    04-Mar-15 - Bristow Orders 17 H175     ( US Bristow US )
    04-Mar-15 - Bel Air AW189 with e-APU60     ( DK Bel Air Aviation )
    04-Mar-15 - Norsk luftambulanse Orders Three H135     ( NO Norsk Luftambulanse )
    04-Mar-15 - North FDS Gets Canadian Validation for AS350 and EC130
    04-Mar-15 - Donaldson AW139 Inlet Barrier Filter Installation
    04-Mar-15 - Miami Dade Police AS350 MRO by Vector Aerospace
    04-Mar-15 - LORD Active Vibration Control System for Medevac Surion     ( KR Korea Aerospace Industries )
    05-Mar-15 - Turbomeca to Offer Service By The Hour on Bell 505
    05-Mar-15 - Turbomeca to Support DRF Luftrettung EC145T2     ( DE DRF Luftrettung )
    05-Mar-15 - Bell Contracted Hughes to Develop PBN in China
    05-Mar-15 - H225 Flight Crew Operating Manual Updated
    05-Mar-15 - FlightSafety First to Meet FAA Safety Requirements
    05-Mar-15 - Servicios Aereos De Los Andes Signed for 3 H125
    05-Mar-15 - Sundance Helicopters With Ramco Aviation Software
    05-Mar-15 - Golden Hour Award to Snohomish County Rescue Team
    05-Mar-15 - Maverick Helicopters with Las Vegas Motor Speedway
    05-Mar-15 - San Bernardino County Bell 212 MRO by Vector Aerospace
    06-Mar-15 - Ten Bell 505s to SECO International in Japan
    06-Mar-15 - AS350 Lands at Metro Aviation HFTC
    06-Mar-15 - Sino-US Orders AW119Kx, Grand New and 2 AW189     ( CN Shanghai Zenisun Investment Group )
    06-Mar-15 - Sagem ICDS-8A glass cockpit for SKYe SH-09
    06-Mar-15 - Airbus Helicopters HCare
    06-Mar-15 - New Seasprites Formally Handed over to New Zealand     ( NZ Royal New Zealand Navy )
    10-Mar-15 - Airbus Helicopters Introduces the H Generation
    10-Mar-15 - UK Helicentre Aviation Orders Ninth Cabri G2     ( UK Helicentre Aviation )
    13-Mar-15 - Bell Helicopter at Heli-Expo 2015
    13-Mar-15 - Helicopters Guimbal at Heli-Expo 2015
    19-Mar-15 - 13 SKYe SH-09 Ordered at Heli-Expo 2015

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    H145 / EC145T2
    H175 / EC175
        McDonnell Douglas
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